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*BULK* 20:1 mg CBD/THC Canna Gel Caps – MOM Canada

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This high CBD ratio achieves a full potential medicinal effect that a cannabis product has to offer. Since it will surely not have any psychoactive effects because of its THC content, it is suitable for different kinds of consumers that are into medicinal cannabis. This is a perfect cannabis product if you don’t know the exact CBD dosage that you need for your ailments.


Its CBD contents at 20mg is an ideal percentage that specifically targets chronic pain efficiently. Its 1% THC balances its psychoactive effects because this high CBD cannabis product does not only have pure medicinal properties, but it also has relaxant properties.

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You can easily achieve your ideal result through this capsule because you can increase or decrease the dosage in an accurate manner. Anonymous Content Co. *BULK* 20:1 CBD/THC CannaCaps offers the highest CBD content that also has beneficial psychoactive effects. It doesn’t contain fillers, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients that is why you can be sure that it only has the pure CBD contents from hash oil.


This CannaCaps is always included on the list of wellness cannabis products because of its ability to give a euphoric high even though it has a low THC level. Even though you overdose this capsule, you will not experience a psychoactive high making it safe for daily usage. It deals with serious and common ailments such as cancer symptoms, ADHD, ADD, PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, lack of appetite, and a wide range of chronic pain and illnesses.


It is an ideal cannabis product for different kinds of illnesses if you want an immediate result because its effects can be felt in just less than an hour or depending on how fast your body metabolizes. If the effects of this capsule suit you, you can easily have stocks in your house, and you can be sure that it will not lose its freshness and effectivity like using actual cannabis buds for smoking.

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