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Big Mex Magic Mushrooms


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Origin: Mexico

Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3hrs

Onset Time: 45-60 mins

Duration: 2-3 hrs

Medium Strength Level 50%
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Big Mex Magic MushroomsOrigin:
With a name like “Big Mex” it is easy to see this magic mushroom originating from Mexico. It is fairly common on the market, and also goes by the name “Mexicana”.

Excellent strain for novices. A standard 3 gram dose will send you on a great, warm euphoric journey

Big Mex mushrooms (Mexicana) is known for it’s happy and energetic, warm trips. Often also known as Oaxaca Gold. It is also used to stimulate creativity and philosohpical thinking.

Medium Potency 50%
Common Mushroom 70%

Big Mext usage spread right into Europe using Spain, where the Big Mex holds the difference of being the first-ever pressure of mushroom from which the psilocybin substance was first separated and analyzed in a lab by the great Dr. Albert Hofmann. This is several of the extremely initial scientific research that was ever before done on hallucinogenic mushrooms and led the way for the years of a recurring research study that followed.

Big Mex magic mushrooms are a top choice for novices, as their psychotropic impacts are considered somewhat less than a few of their family members. While usage still generates feelings of ecstasy as well as happiness, typically accompanied by laughing fits at the least justification, the coming with visual hallucinations are not excessively complicated.

When determining to get Big Mex magic mushrooms online, you must dosage properly. We recommend novices beginning with a dosage of around 3 grams for a delighted, easy-going 2-3 hour journey. More knowledgeable individuals or those trying to find a lengthy psychedelic experience should take 5-10 grams.

With any kind of type of hallucinogenic mushroom, it is constantly best to start with a lower dosage and work on your own up. Exercising caution is always better over time, however there is a lot to be gotten from try out Mexican magic mushrooms and their informing as well as happiness-inducing residential or commercial properties.

However, those that are looking online to locate an extra extreme hallucinogenic experience from a magic mushroom store in Canada or the UK, look no more.

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