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Blue Dream (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

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The Blue Dream Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has developed into quite a story within its local California. It has gained its name for being the ideal morning strain, as it is the classic “stimulant” without being overwhelming, relaxing more on being “mind-bending” instead of a disturbing physical euphoria.


It is crossbreeding a Sativa Haze with the Blueberry Indica. It isn’t merely surreal due to its heavenly flavor pattern and stimulating excelling buzz, however, since its story has been deleted from the records with some considering its sources ought to be a dream.


It is an extremely effective medicinal strain and holds various results like the ease of distress and stress, and can serve to cause a sense of wellbeing and happiness.

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The Blue Dream strain is, with a 40% Indica and 60% Sativa genes, indeed, listed as a hybrid. As much as Blue Dream displays a greater portion of Sativa arrangements, at times, it is probable to acquire a makeup that is more peculiar of an Indica variant.


This plant has a pungent smell with a hint of fruit and berries. Its taste remains in the luscious berry character, with touches of spices and herbs. Its rich, fruity flavors deliver it natural to savor, and its minor sour tones give excellent harmony between characters.


The kick begins with a swift mental dash, which slowly backs down to a calming physical high remaining from a couple to three hours. It also causes bright, elated, mental happiness, and lengthened numbing without complex drowsiness. Relieves sadness, eases anxiety, and improves excellent pain management.


Blue Dream develops into a high bush and is listed as natural for indoors and natural to manage for outdoors because of its small responsiveness to severe climate variations. It is likewise sensitive to red spider insect plague because of its rich smell, which can lure the bacteriae. It is best produced indoors though it can likewise be planted in the subtropical or outdoor Mediterranean environments.


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