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Cookies N’ Cream Crack Bar (300mg) – Canna Co

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While we were a kid, there were no more satisfying nibbles than a honkin’ dessert with a honkin’ Cereal cup of milk. Given that we’re grown-up, the equivalent stays accurate, merely this period around we want a few strain in that stuff.


Eating cannabis is not as such as puffing on weed. Edibles come up behind you. We discover that a THC of 50mg is enough and to spare weed for a pretty firm buzz. 50mg is frankly a large amount and persists for a long time. The actual issue is that this cookie treat is extremely good. Think merely getting a small bite. You might quickly receive 300mg and slink your hook to a festive day.

Due to heat during the summer months. Some edibles maybe melt during shipping. All products are medically consumable. Products simply have changed form. We will not be issuing refunds for melted products.
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What’s more enjoyable compared to a chocolaty cookie? Would you like the one that’s dosed a THC level of 300mg? Such as precisely what we prepare with Canna Co Cookies N Cream Crack Bar. Ideal for the weed expert that appears to likewise hold a chocolate addiction!


You have never possessed something similar to this dessert. This is quite a continuous energy—very mature up-to-date. The 300mg buzz is constant, clear, and gentle. A single cut is classic and not extremely strong.


How about we impart regarding the flavor. The balance of this Cookies N’ Cream Bar edible is smooth and luscious and tastes similar to a lushly made cookie. Even if there is a weed tang, that is common in THC heavy-loaded edibles. Though it is entirely not a deadlock. The elements are drug-free. However, the THC balance is so prominent company might suggest this solely for the experienced smoker.


Ingredients: Cannabis, Olive Oil, Vinegar, Corn Syrup, Baking Soda, Sugar, Chocolate, Milk, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Bar, and, of course, Cookies N Cream


Bear in mind that throughout the summer periods, goods that carry chocolate are temperature-sensitive and might change in appearance, though the impacts and measures will stay consistent.

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Indica 300mg, Sativa 300mg

1 review for Cookies N’ Cream Crack Bar (300mg) – Canna Co

  1. Will

    WOW. This heavy hitter is delicious! The sativa did not have me sleepy either. A nice day time high.

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