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Crunch Munch Bar (260 mg) – Canna Co

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Who wouldn’t want this cannabis-infused munch bar that suits to the taste? This is highly-infused with cannabis that can offer a tasty and fun way to medicate. This is extremely versatile while bringing a crunchy taste. This hits your body and not your head. This is just so potent that makes it great to have. This munch bar comes in Indica or Sativa form that leaves you to love it more. It is amazing in the sense that it combines creamy peanut butter, dark chocolate ganache, and crispy, salty corn crisps. It’s something that does get appreciation from among its lovers.

Due to heat during the summer months. Some edibles maybe melt during shipping. All products are medically consumable. Products simply have changed form. We will not be issuing refunds for melted products.

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This cannabis-infused chocolate bar is likable for its good taste offered. This is arguably among the best and healthiest alternative choices than the smoking of cannabis. This does not pose negative health problems often associated with inhaling smoke. The Canna Co Crunch Munch Bar 260mg can take anywhere between thirty minutes to two hours for the effects to kick in.

Its ingredients include creamy peanut butter, dark chocolate ganache, and crispy and salty corn crisps. All these promise a potent and nice experience when eaten half at a time. This does not need to be eaten as a whole as the taste can be so terrible. This promises a strong taste as soap with a little crunch. This is enriched with chocolate flavor that can coat your mouth with just so little.

This does provide a more sedating and more body-focused couch-lock high that makes it more amazing as a choice. This can promise a tasty and fun alternative way of medicating. Since this is topped with whitish icing flavor, the more that you would want to give it a try. Only this delicious edible is what you would choose from among the rest of marijuana crunch bars.

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Sativa 260mg, Indica 260mg


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