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Kahlua Marquis Bar (260 mg) – Canna Co

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What do you think can compare to the Canna Co Kahlua Marquis Bar 260mg? This one is a chocolatey dessert; that’s something you’ll appreciate. This is simply a chocolate bar medicated with a 260-milligram of THC. Such its fineness and infusion of sweets set it different from all other choices. It is a tasty treat along with its effects that can be steady and slow, lasting from four to eight hours. Just start it slowly as you consume this must-try edible. Grab this chance to buy this chocolate-infused marijuana bar that is satisfying and fulfilling to the taste.

Due to heat during the summer months. Some edibles maybe melt during shipping. All products are medically consumable. Products simply have changed form. We will not be issuing refunds for melted products.

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This edible is offered for some time now and is well-appreciated by a lot of customers. This Canna Co Kahlua Marquis Bar 260mg is sold as a quality edible at a price that you can afford. It is provided as something delicious that can keep you as a customer happy and fulfilled. This edible is already starting to build a reputation among happy customers.

A premium-rated cannabis edible, it is highly-loved for the best effects it could offer for a long time. This does not come with measuring out the CBD and THC to be sure that it comes at the right dosage. The dosage of the edible is already measured at around 260-milligrams.

This chocolate marijuana bar is best prepared as a tasty treat for the entire family. It doesn’t leave you worried about its flavor. This edible is the best choice if one does not want to experience the inconvenience brought about by vaping and the effects of marijuana bud smoking. This only needs to be digested at its given dose to wait for the effect it could bring. The effects can be so slow at about thirty to ninety minutes. Its effects will begin to kick in and last a long time than the use of pot.

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Sativa 260mg, Indica 260mg


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