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Olive Oil THC Tincture 30 mL (900 mg) – Canna Co

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If you are in search of a THC tincture that has impressive concentrations of THC, that is what Canna Co Olive THC tincture is known for. With its incredible concentration of THC, you are sure that you are getting the worth of money that you have paid for to treat mental and physical ailments. With its 900mg concentration of THC per 30ml, you will surely get an immediate effect on your body. The brand only makes use of cannabis strains that has the densest cannabinoid content to ensure its quality and reliability.

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The high concentration of THC in each bottle also has a high level of terpene content. Whether it is an Indica or Sativa-based compounds, it is still infused with virgin olive oil to balance out its taste. The extraction process makes use of high-quality cannabis flowers, so the final product is locked in with freshness and extreme potency. If you are new to trying out this THC tincture from Canna Co, make sure to start in low doses until your body gets acquainted with its effects.


This THC tincture can be used in different kinds of methods, but the most known efficient way to utilize it is through a sublingual application where it is advised to make use of the dropper to know the prescribed dosage under your tongue before swallowing it. Canna Co Olive Oil THC Tincture is made from an all-natural product, which is an extract from a full-plant mixed with coconut oil to ensure that it will be digested and absorbed by the human body in the quickest way. It boasts its consistency wherein the cannabinoid contents that you get from your first drop are the same cannabinoid content until the last drop, so shaking is no longer required.

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Hybrid 900mg, Sativa 900mg, Indica 900mg

5 reviews for Olive Oil THC Tincture 30 mL (900 mg) – Canna Co

  1. Rob Creston

    Similar review to the rest of the customers here. What an amazing product to cook with. I grabbed the indica and sativa. There was a nice, obvious distinction between the two. As there should be.

  2. Antoine Leblanc

    Love some of the CannaCo products. Made some edibles off this. This is a steal for the price. Super easy, mixed well. I will definitely be back to grabbing more.

  3. LostControl (verified owner)

    Used the hybrid oil to make edibles. Worked very well. Mixes into cookie batter or homemade chocolates easily. Knowing that there is 30mg/ml makes calculating amount needed to make edibles easy. Would highly recommend! It has the usual scent and taste of pot, and it’s a dark green oil – if you want to take the oil orally or mix in edibles it’s still scented. It’s a very versatile oil – good for taking orally, adding to edibles, or using topically.

  4. synaptix (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Canna Co. THC oils for a couple of years. They are among the best value in oils on offer. I love these oils for their dependable strength and also for the kind of effects each oil produces. I had missed these oils for a few months until I found this MOM site so I was happy to restock. And I will be buying these again.

  5. LostControl (verified owner)

    Used Indica to make into a body butter. Not used to get high, but it works magnificently to make a pain relieving body butter. Would recommend highly! Add to body butter to use in cancer, migraine, fibromyalgia, and arthritis patients – works very well. Easy to dose as you know exactly how much THC is in each ml. The coconut oil mixes easily into body butter. I’ll be buying much more of this.

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