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Peanut Crack Bar (300 mg) – Canna Co

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Peanut butter enthusiasts, plan to attain paradise straight from a Canna Co Peanut Crack Bar.


There’s no considerably similar to the pleasure that is a classic peanut butter baked good. Cannabis customers enjoy the charm of creamy, sugary, nutty benefits as far as anybody– and possibly much more so when the crack bar is instilled.


These bars are every little thing an excellent peanut butter crack bar must be: medicated, decadent, salty, sweet, and soft. You’ll barely discern the essence of the THC, though you’ll perceive its impacts without delay.

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Peanut crack bar molded with peanuts, chewy toffee, and saltines. A perfect bite for morning or evening, as it appears in Sativa and Indica choices. Don’t neglect that this peanut crack bar is cooked with a THC level of 300mg.


Most people adore fresh peanuts; either it is a pure peanut or sweet snacks such as confections. It is a satisfying nibble element that is enjoyed by kids and grown-ups correspondingly. Combining peanut to everything merely pumps it up. Promptly, just think of peanut that relishes delectability and takes you fired simultaneously. That’s an outstanding blend.


The moment you consume, the impressions of this crack bar will strike home, beginning with a mental boost before flowing completely all over your physique in throbbing surges of energy. These are excellent for a fast luscious bite that’ll deliver you an enduring buzz. You might likewise seize a great state of the laughs.


The chocolate is yummy chewing and merely dissolves in your mouth. The punch from a little portion of this edible is lethal, yet delightful.


Taking edibles can be complex, hence the most reliable method to examine for potency is, to begin with, a part of the bar, anticipate for an hour or two, then obtain an educated judgment in case you should eat more. Always consume discreetly and attend to your physique, and never operate bombed by weeds.

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Sativa 300mg, Indica 300mg

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