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Chocolate Mix (220 mg) – Meadow Sweet

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THC Chocolate Mix | Meadow Sweet

220 mg per package

Perfect THC packed beverage to enjoy on a winter or summer night.

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This THC chocolate mix will be enjoyed by those cannabis users who have a sweet tooth. You can consume this product whatever the climate condition is because it can work effectively in cold or hot water, or you can just top it off on your favorite smoothie or dessert. Drinking this chocolate mix will not give you the impression that what you are consuming is a cannabis-based product because of its sweet taste and aroma. It has a high concentration of THC, but the effects in your body will be balanced out by its other ingredients. Its taste may be comparable to a regular hot chocolate drink, but its effects will not only energize but heal and deliver its therapeutic benefits.

Even if you are on a diet, you will have a guilt-free feeling when you taste this THC chocolate mix because it is made from organic and all-natural products that are high in nutrients and minerals. The Chocolate mix from Meadow Sweet contains unique ingredients such as the Cocoa Bean, Sugar Cane, Mesquite Pod, Cassia Bark, Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt, Cannabis extracts from leaf and flower, and the Sunflower Lecithin. These ingredients do not only boast its flavorful and aromatic mix but will give beneficial effects.

The Cocoa Bean is not only known for its chocolatey based, but it is also a source of antioxidants that the body needs. The Sugar Cane gives the chocolate mix sweet tastes that are naturally made. The Mesquite Pod contains vitamins and minerals for strength and immunity, such as calcium, zinc, lysine, potassium, iron, and magnesium. The Cassia Bark or the Cinnamon gives the warming effect, and it specifically targets inflammation.

The Vanilla Bean is the one responsible for balancing the sweetness and other flavors that come from the other ingredients. The Vanilla Bean is also high in minerals needed by the bones, joints, and muscles. The cannabis extracts are the ones responsible for its mental and physical effects that are enhanced and delivered by the Sunflower Lecithin.

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1 review for Chocolate Mix (220 mg) – Meadow Sweet

  1. camb.flynn@gmail.com

    This is my favourite cannabis beverage; I don’t like commercial hot chocolate because it’s overly sweet, this is perfect. I prefer it hot, but it’s great both ways.

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