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Feminized Seeds (5 seeds) – Dr. Seeds

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Dr.Seeds gives you the elite selection that is acquired straight from our growers, securing strong, healthy, high-yielding excellent plants. You can start your cannabis cup champion.


Anybody who’s ever enjoyed a reefer obligated their satisfaction to the berries of the cannabis weed, though further, to the female of the variants. Given that only female marijuana strains provide the cannabinoid-luscious buds that produce the tastes and impressions users seek for.


Feminized seeds are produced to hold zero male genes, which guarantees that each weed produced from a feminized seed will flower as a female and can create the product of resinous flowers endeavored by farmers generally.


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Feminized seeds are the outcome of a feminizing procedure. The female cannabis weeds are programmed to obtain male pollen, throughout this method, for grain manufacture. The ensuing seeds are eternally female weeds. A germinated female weed will cease creating heavy-yielding flowers.


There are various benefits for farmers who begin their field applying feminized seeds. These seeds upgrade the developing method, conserving time and space by eliminating the presumption of sprouting normal seeds. That effectiveness is essential for therapeutic cannabis cases and pastime farmers. Considering most pot laws restrict weed numbers, farmers planting a tiny yield of cannabis for particular application desire to guarantee they’re fully taking advantage of their plant.


These seeds are produced just the same as normal cannabis. Initially, you sprout, see to it they receive the appropriate nourishment, water, and light. Consequently, you accumulate and serve it in the manner you desire. The sizeable variation here dwells in not intending to determine which weeds are male and discard them. In case you aren’t a specialist, this is time-consuming and tiring. What’s more critical is supposing you drop merely ONE male bush, you are to destroy your whole harvest.


Feminized seeds are simple to develop in a nursery, indoor, and outdoor, and accessible in High CBD and THC variations.

1 review for Feminized Seeds (5 seeds) – Dr. Seeds

  1. Antoine Leblanc

    I got the biggest dank @$$ buds on the Do-Si-Do. The Lamb’s Bread was insanely big as well for a sativa. Both smoked so smooth! Glad I mothered these. =)

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