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Greens Blend (220 mg) – Meadow Sweet

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Be happy and energized with this Green blends from the Meadowsweet that has the ability to satisfy all your cravings from sweet to spicy foods even though the base ingredient of this cannabis powder is mainly herbs. It nourishes and boosts human immunity while cleansing the body to have a renewed and refreshed feeling. Start the day by mixing it to your favorite tea or coffee or to your main dish to be motivated all throughout the day. It is filled in with THC so you can expect a boost in your physical and mental functioning.

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This Sativa-dominant product focuses on its therapeutic effects may it be on the physical or mental aspect. It has the ability to improve digestion, increase the appetite, and boost the immune system to combat fatigue and weakness. It makes use of its powerful ingredients such as Alfalfa Leaf, Moringa Leaf, Chlorella, Olive Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Stevia Leaf, Cannabis flower and leaf, and Sunflower Lecithin. These ingredients are all enriched with vitamins and minerals that have uniquely beneficial effects.

The Alfalfa Leaf is responsible for giving detoxifying effects through its antioxidant, B Vitamins, and protein content that also prevents inflammation in any parts of the body. The Moringa Leaf protects the body against toxicity that may damage the cardiovascular system as well as the oxidation of the liver. The Olive Leaf is the one responsible for suppressing food cravings, and it also produces enzymes that heal wounds fast and fight aging and infections.

The Nettle Leaf supports the functioning of the muscles, joints, bones, and it also minimizes skin problems. The cannabis flower and the leaf is the main source of its potency partnered up with Sunflower Lecithin to deliver the cannabinoids efficiently throughout the body. To have a balanced and delicious taste, it makes use of the Stevia Leaf as a natural sweetener that is sugar-free.

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