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Honey Rock (Indica Dominant Hybrid)


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This strain is considered one of the heaviest strains because of how its potency has an effect on the human body. This strain can be your reward strain after your busy and long day. It is meant to be consumed at nighttime because of its soothing sedative effects that will make you feel relaxed and lazy during the high.


Before consuming this strain, make sure that you don’t need to accomplish something because if this strain does not give you a couchlock effect, for sure, you will be too lazy to do anything. If this is not how you wanted to be, you can just decrease the dosage so you can use it as a great partner for social events.

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This strain has the ability to provide strong sedative effects that leads to a heavy stone high while making sure that you are free from any pain. Due to its THC content of about 20%, it can effectively relieve you from different kinds of pain and aches while shifting your mood into more positive thoughts. It has a CBD content of about 2% gives you a soothing feeling, especially if you are experiencing anxiety, stress, and depression. In the medicinal field, this strain is often administered to those who have panic attacks.


If you intended to use it in a party or in a social event, expect that you will just talkative and giggly moments or some carefree actions. This strain is a crossbreed of Super Skunk and White Widow that is combined with Swazi Poison.  This strain is being priced for its aesthetic appeal that is described to have a color combination of gold and orange trichomes that complements its dark green buds that are puffy and hard-rock.


It has an appealing scent of rich floral and herbally vibes, while its flavor is a combination of sweetness and spiciness. Even though this is a potent strain, its smoke is still smooth to inhale, and it doesn’t cause any lung irritation.

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