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Mercedes Hash – Mercedes Extracts

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Mercedes Hash is known for its high-quality properties, color, and texture. You wouldn’t regret trying this hash because it is available at an affordable price. Its taste and smell are like you are smoking a very potent strain because of its spicy tones and flowery and herbally taste and smell.


Expert cannabis users describe the use of Mercedes Hash as an old school fashioned hash because of the way how you consume it. It is filled with different kinds of bodily effects that target both the mind and the body. It can be consumed alone, or it can be added to your joints that can give extra texture to it.

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This Mercedes Hash is considered as a perfect choice for a premium hash. It has a strong flavor and aroma that just by smelling it, you will have an idea about the potency that it can give you. It gives off a mid-level intensity high, making it a good choice for daytime usage, especially if you need to accomplish a lot of tasks.


If you intended to use it for pain management, you don’t have to worry because this hash will still let you keep going. Smoking this hash gives you a smooth but thick smoke that will fill in your lungs to fully enjoy its taste and aroma, but you will experience a fulfilling aftertaste as the smoke vacates your lungs. When you have increased consumption, you may expect to be talkative.


This hash contains about 40% THC content as the ability to give you relaxation, euphoria, and pain relief. Smoking is not the only method of consumption that can be used, but you can also add this hash into your food or into your bowl of joint. You may see it in the form of a block, but you can still store, transport and enjoy this hash easily. You can expect of its consistent terpene profile up to the last drop.

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19 reviews for Mercedes Hash – Mercedes Extracts

  1. Calvin

    This hash is a banger

  2. tim

    Better than a real benz

  3. Terry Eng

    Best bubble hash I have ever had.

  4. Ben Roth

    I love this hash. Best yet. Reminds me of that good Moroccan back in the day in Montreal.

  5. Zerocool015 (verified owner)

    Good high! I enjoyed this. Did give me a scratchy throat afterwards but that’s it…

  6. Aaron (verified owner)

    Tastes like I’m a teenager again. Brought a smile to my face.

    I’ll be keeping this product in my stock.

    Beautiful product.


  7. G

    Good stuff, mint. Mellow..

  8. Ontario D

    Thanks guys for a quick easy purchase and delivery. Tried mini gummies and they worked very well. 1 per hour up to 3 hours (3 taken in total) seemed to work extremely well.

  9. Rich

    Ive been buying from this site for over a year and have always had great product. great service and quick delivery to my mail box. My only complaint would be, they used to give me a 10% discount on my next order and now they don’t. 🙁 Ticked me off a little cuz the stuff is a tad over priced. Buy with confidence friends.

    • Philip Tiangson

      Hi Rich,
      Please leave a message in our online chat support. They might give you a discount.

  10. Arpad

    hello there, i placed an order for some hash and just wondering when will it be shipped ?

  11. Drew

    Bought some when it was on sale and quite liked it but regular price is way over priced won’t be buying more unless it is on sale

  12. Michael Depatie

    Great and truly reliable,keep up the great work.cheers

  13. Michael Depatie

    WOW… I really was getting pissed off at you guys for not responding,sent three emails after payment received. And six days later in my mail box my delivery came. Just did 6 very small hot knives. And giggle giggle I feel good, didn’t think that I would, my deep apologies thank you for amazing service, also got 3 gm PK,didn’t try yet but looks great. Truly realible….cheers

  14. mah

    As a long term hash user, its not bad and have a nice buzz but cant be compared to afghan or moroccan hash.
    Overall, good

  15. kirk

    im so interested this black hash

  16. al

    I am an old 80s hash head and it has been great to be able to find it , and not only that also a good black hash to boot, can not find it in Sask, and have a hard time in Alberta also, so nice to be able to order from the comfort of my house, keep up the good work guys, greatly appreciated

    • Mom

      Thanks al, Your product satisfaction is our priority.

  17. James

    This is Jim Riley order #1154 – my order just arrived, package was bit damaged in the outside but my products are ok. Can’t wait to Test them Gitters. Cheers

  18. Matt

    I’m an old school hash user from the 70s. Hard to find these days, especially in Saskatchewan. Thx for your fast delivery and consistency.

  19. me

    i like marijuana

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