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Paw Protection Wax – ApothecaryPETS

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Most products in the market are directed in protecting the pet’s skin and fur, but this Paw Protection Wax from the brand Apawthecary Pets makes sure that your pet’s paw condition is healthy. Your pet, whether it is a cat or dog, uses its paw in almost all of its activities, such as walking, running, and eating. Damage in their paw greatly affects their quality of life; that is why it is important to have a pet product that will take good care of it at all times. This paw protection product is perfect, especially if your pet loves to stay outdoors.

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This Paw Protection Wax is not only applicable for paw care, but it also caters wound care and first aid. It is made from simple ingredients such as hemp oil, calendula oil, hemp terpenes, coconut oil, and beeswax. Its hemp concentration is the reason why your pet’s paw is nourished and protected against all factors. It comes in an application stack for a mess-free usage.


The benefits that your pet can get from using a pet shoe is the same as to when your pet would use a Paw Protection Wax. If it is the snow season and you want your dog to enjoy outdoor activities, make sure not to use this wax because they might slip in the snow that may extremely hurt them. No need to use a thick layer of this wax because a little amount can protect your pet’s paw and toes for a couple of hours walking and running. Your dog will be protected even though they go to different kinds of terrain. It is tried and tested to be effective protection against wounds and infection. Since it is used externally, your pet will be safe without the side effects even though it is used on a daily basis.


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