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Pets Sniffer Salve (60 mL/60 mg) – ApothecaryPETS

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If you live in a place where the weather condition is constantly changing, you need to protect your pet’s respiratory system through the use of this Pet Sniffer Salve. During the cold season, your pet’s nose will dry; that is why your job is to make it always moist and nourished. A dry nose leads to other respiratory illnesses such as colds that may inflame your pet’s air passageways. Pets Sniffer Salve is a cream that serves as a shield to block the cold air in drying your pet’s nose. Your dog will not be irritated as you apply this gently in the opening of their nose because it has a soothing and mild aroma.

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This Pets Sniffer Salve makes use of hemp-infused ingredients that make this product a 100% organic and all-natural. It has different kinds of soothing essential oils that contain different levels of antioxidants that fight infections and inflammations.


It can be used as windburn protection and serves as a natural sunscreen to avoid damaging the first layer skin of your pet. Moisturizing, healing, and nourishing are the key factors that make this pet product popular in the market. This pet product is a veterinarian-approved to make sure that your dog will not feel any side effects even when this product is used in the long run.


This Pets Sniffer Salve does not only aim to protect your dog’s nose against harsh weather conditions, but it also has rejuvenating compounds that make their sense of smell enhanced, especially that your pet’s strong sense of smell is a part of their survival skills. Based on its based ingredients, which are essential oils, you can be sure that it is just mild to your dog’s skin that will not trigger irritations.

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