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Pre Rolled Cone Joints (Sour Jack/Sativa) – MOM Canada

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This strain has an equally characteristic of both Sativa and Indica, that is why when you made this strain into a pre-rolled cone joint, you will experience a high that includes both bodily and mental functioning. This strain grabs multiple awards since it gives off a stimulating effect that has the ability to give the user stimulating effects of euphoria and happiness.


An overdosed dosage to this strain will let you hallucinate for a couple of minutes, but overall, this strain aims to only let you experience all-positive effects. You could use this before going to bed, especially if you had a very long and tiring day so that you will wake up the next morning with a refilled energy.

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This strain has energy stimulating effects that are suitable for a morning strain. The Sour Jack is an offspring of the two most famous strains of all time, which is the Sour Diesel and the Jack Herer. Its THC content ranges from 20-22%, while its CBD content is only at 0.22%. The aroma of Sour Jack gives off an intense mix of diesel fuel and citrus with an overall hint of lemon pine. This kind of aroma is what consumers get as they smoke this strain.


You may find that this herb is tricky in that it sneaks in a much more potent effect than first thought. The effect would hit quickly and last for a few hours. You can expect that you tend to accomplish your usual tasks in a creative way. Medical users get beneficial therapeutic effects in front of this strain from serious conditions and some common illnesses.


Since it also has Indica characteristics, this strain alleviates the body from depression, insomnia, and anxiety. This is categorized under the recreational strains, but since it also has therapeutic benefits, it can also be a good choice for a medicinal cannabis strain. Growing this strain is not that tricky as long as you would give it essential nutrients it needs for growth and development.

3 thoughts on “Pre Rolled Cone Joints (Sour Jack/Sativa) – MOM Canada

  1. Honestly pretty good! i wasn’t sure about the .65 g but it was definitely enough. i recommend this to Sativa fans who don’t want to buy a Unit or don’t have the time to buy and roll their joints.

    yungcrackhead says:

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