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Pre Rolled Cone Joints (Watermelon/Indica) – MOM Canada

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Pre-Rolled Cone Joints of Watermelon strain lets you consume about 0.65 grams of this potent strain. This is a perfect strain to smoke if you want to be playful in the park or in a social event. Rolling your strain in a joint is one of the ideal ways on how you can enjoy its juices.


Be careful in consuming this strain because, at first hit, you will have an idea that this strain only gives a subtle effect, but its real punch will be experienced at the middle of the high so if you plan to increase the dosage, make sure to check upon yourself first if you can handle it.

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This strain consists of 80% indica characteristics, as shown on its large, dense buds. It is infused with a high THC content; that is why in just a few hits, you will surely feel relaxed, making it a perfect nighttime strain. Medicinal users would find relief in its appetite booster especially for health conditions that will restrain you from eating such as cancer and diabetes.


As the name implies, it has tastes and smells like that of a fruity watermelon. It is well-loved by consumers due to its strong uplifting properties that will boost you to have motivation and energy if taken in moderation, but if you prefer to have a goodnight’s sleep, you may need to add the dosage so you can feel a sense of calmness and intense euphoria.


This strain is described to have a speckled with heavy crystals that are an indication of how potent this strain is. This strain won multiple times in the cannabis cup for having a high yield and potency. If you plan to grow this strain, it will take 50-60 days for this strain to prosper in an ideal environment. It can be grown indoors so that you will not have a hard time controlling different growth factors.

2 reviews for Pre Rolled Cone Joints (Watermelon/Indica) – MOM Canada

  1. Karl

    Delicious taste and smell to this pre roll. Packed and rolled perfecty. So convenient!

  2. ldc567 (verified owner)

    Amazing pre roll! I absolutely love this one. I’ve been away from it in the US for a week and I miss this strain in particular. Can’t wait to get back to using it before bed to help me sleep. Definitely could have used it this week in the states to help with unfortunate nights of broken sleep. Thanks MOM! Hope you don’t sell out of this one again 🙂

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