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Pre Rolled Cone Joints (Master Kush/Indica)

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The Master Kush strain is a perfect strain to smoke in a pre-rolled cone joint because of its potent effects that are felt all throughout the body. During the first hours of your high, you can expect a clearer-headed high that what most Kush is popular all about.


It has a percentage of Indica characteristics so you can be sure that its effects can benefit both recreational and therapeutic uses. This is a perfect strain if you just want to relax without feeling many psychoactive effects that will make you unproductive.

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Master Kush is an offspring of Hindu Kush and Skunk. This strain’s main purpose is for relieving stress, anxiety, and other emotional related disorders. It has a strong Indica base that holds strong sedative properties that is an ideal strain at nighttime.


It has the ability to change your mood drastically, making it suitable if you can’t control your temper. The way it targets different bodily parts is through numbing sensations that can last for hours within the high. This strain does not only perform well at nighttime but just decreases the dosage; it can be a helpful daytime strain that has the ability to sharpen your sensory skills that is helpful in accomplishing your tasks in school or at work.


This concentrated Indica cannabis strain has the ability to calm your body without affecting how your brain works. The euphoric high that it will give you is not overwhelming; in fact, it can even boost creativity and curiosity while you are on a high. Master Kush is also known as the strain that is great in balancing both the body’s high and mental heaviness. These are its side effects, dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, paranoia, and extreme munchies.

20 thoughts on “Pre Rolled Cone Joints (Master Kush/Indica)

  1. Excellent Strain smooth smoke…noted some were concerned with the length I found that you can work the weed further into the J while twisting down, cutting some of the filter off works well too…
    [ @ @ ]

    randyedgar says:
  2. I love this flavor. I love that its pre rolled. I love the service and deliver for it too. I received my order in only a day and a half from the time I placed that order! It goes without saying that I couldn’t be happier with this product and the delivery. I just look forward to seeing more of a variety of pre rolls.
    This pre rolled joint is amazing though for night-it knocks me right out which is incredible since I have trouble sleeping and staying asleep. Looking forward to my future orders with M.O.M! I wish all websites and companies provided this same amazing service!!!

  3. Very good quality, fast delivery and convenient. Thanks to a reviewer who cuts off a bit of the filter. Works for me too!

  4. I’ve ordered pre-rolled a few times before and enjoyed the product very much. This last order I received a variety pack – great news. looking forward to trying the different varieties.

  5. Joints look a little funny but they sparked and smoked well. Taste and aroma were very nice. 1 week shipping time. 1st time cannabis user here! Good job MOM!

  6. Too notch, definetly a customer from here in. Very happy with the lighting service and quality product.

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    88Gabriella says:
  8. Thank you Dana for sharing your insights of our pre rolled joints. It is actually made for all customers. It’s a good thing we satisfy you with the products. Just recreate the joints for your convenience. Thanks

  9. Love the pre-rolled. I have the stuff to roll my own but this is so much better. And if I decide to roll myself, I just tear the pre-rolled apart. The only thing I would change would be the size of the filter. I cough lots with the long filter. I either cut them or take them off completely.

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