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Protein Powder (220 mg) – Meadow Sweet

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Meadow Sweet Protein Powder

220 mg per package

Get your protein powder, THC and macronutrients all in one great scoop!

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THC protein powder, If you want to indulge in the goodness of protein, this protein-rich product from Meadow Sweet is a perfect choice for you. This protein powder is made from the well-blended essence of different kinds of ingredients that is friendly in your bodily system. It consists of a macronutrient, which is the protein that will give you just the right energy for your daily activities, making it suitable for those who have a very active lifestyle where it can help you achieve balance on the bodily system. Since it is in a powder form, you can mix it water, juices, or smoothie.

The base ingredients of this thc protein powder mix are a combination of seeds, roots, nuts, and pods. It has a sacha inchi nut that composed of digestible compounds of fatty acids such as protein, amino acids, and omega 3. These are the ingredients that make this protein powder beneficial Ramon seed, Suma root, Sacha Inchi Nut, cannabis extracts, and hemp seeds.

The roasted Ramon seed aids in relieving stress and anxiety because it has nourishing contents of potassium, calcium, tryptophan, and protein. The Suma root, a type of adaptogen that boost immunity and increases stamina, energy, and strength. Its cannabis content is paired with sunflower lecithin, so the cannabinoids are delivered into the whole body parts smoothly.

This is a popular mix for those who engage themselves in extraneous activities that involve the muscles because it supports a faster recovery period. It is also a good supplement for those who lack an appetite for food because it contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to fulfill daily nutritional needs. If you purposely use this protein powder to treat your pain and aches, you may expect to feel the relief within 30 minutes since it will still be digested depending if you have mixed it into your drink or food.

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