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ReCon (Indica Dominant Hybrid)

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This robust indica-leaning hybrid is a strain that takes effect faster than other Indica strains in the market. Choose this strain of you just want to have a chill breezy night over a cup of wine. If you are on a date, it will surely boost intimacy and romance.


You can easily shift the use of this strain from an uplifting strain into a relaxation high that leads to couchlock just by adjusting its dosage. It can be used in the recreational and medicinal field, making it a versatile strain. This strain is not only fast-acting, but it’s high also lasts longer.

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This strain is known for its immobilizing and relaxing characteristics, making it an outstanding nighttime strain. This strain has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits that aid in different kinds of pain, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, headache, nausea, and other chronic pain. Those who are suffering from emotional disorders get support from this strain, such as those who are depressed and anxious.


The way how the effects of this strain are delivered depends on how the body handles the high. If you are familiar with its high, you may become more active throughout the high, but if you are new to experiencing its high, you may take it as a relaxing high that induces you to sleep. An overdosed dosage may lead to sensory distortion, such as change visual perception.


Its uplifting high will let you perceive things positively so you will have the motivation to do your daily tasks productively. This strain is an offspring of Cannadential and LA Confidential, where it got its Indica characteristics. It has the flavors of citrusy and woody notes that matches its diesel citrus aroma. It is characterized to have base buds with trichomes covered in clear crystal and brown hairs with stems that curls inwards.

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1 review for ReCon (Indica Dominant Hybrid)

  1. Austion Hill

    Really clean burn. Smooth. Not a huge couch lock on here. But a nice mellow feel. I would grab this again.

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