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MOM’s Shatter is a clear, golden-green concentrate with rapid, potent effects that are best suited to more experienced users. Order here now and have shatter shipped to you anywhere in Canada.

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Named for both its brittle nature and its proven ability to utterly decimate inexperienced users, MOM’s Shatter is a fast-track to stoner paradise, whether crumbled in a classic joint, vaped in a convenient pen or enjoyed as fat dabs. Transparent, with a beautiful golden-green hue, this potent product should be held in the lungs as long as comfort allows before exhaling in order to experience the maximum benefits, and as such, some coughing is to be expected. Effects are long-lasting and mule-kick quick, giving a major head high and all the happy feels required to turn frowns upside-down and keep those party vibes going.

5 reviews for Shatter

  1. Trip

    Looking for good shatter hook ups in Windsor Ontario

  2. Cheebo


  3. Cecile


  4. Mitch Howard

    40$a half g…… Lmfao is it crack?

  5. Ed

    Very potent and experience a high trip plus a good price. Watch out for my next order Mom it would be huge!

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