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Skunky’s THC Cookie (150 mg/400 mg) – Skunky’s

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Skunky’s Cookie High THC

150 mg | 400 mg

Skunky’s insane high THC products are now available in cookies.

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Skunky’s cookie are available in 150 mg and 400 mg doses. They are palatable edibles that carry a blast of a blow to even the most seasoned stoner’s. They are produced utilizing THC Distillate filled dough and baked to fulfillment. The product is a seduction that can keep a lid on. We recommend high care when digging these incredible edibles, merely refrain the amount one error, in case you don’t perceive it take effect yet, plainly pause, don’t consume more. Skunky was equipped to eliminate the overwhelming punch of cannabis and produce a treat that all baked-good enthusiasts will appreciate, employing THC Distillate instead of other extracts and oils.

It appears in 400mg per cookie or 150mg per cookie. Most people respond diversely to consumable marijuana goods, and the impressions will differ, therefore please hold back no less than 2 hours before devouring another portion.

You will begin to feel moderate results in approximately half an hour. And around 1 hour, you will positively appear stoned.

These baked goods are very accessible to store in your bottle. Because you acquire numerous dosages from a particular cookie, they likewise develop into a great deal for those on weed funds. This baked good claims a heavy, chocolatey hint that enables you to split it into decent pieces with slight breaking up, and the weed was equally diffused in every part of the cookie. Regarding the extensive dose, the bud taste was powerful, though not overwhelming.

Skunky’s cookie employed without inhaling cannabis, make the good your initial buzz of the time, then you enjoy the kick, merely after it begins to melt away, then have a whiff. It begins in the body, moves instantly to the head in the meantime, and then returns to the body repeatedly. The effect was great and will provide you a good night’s rest.

Impacts include severely weakened synergy and insight, potential offensive consequences including vomiting, discomfort, and elevated pulse rate.

Suited for: Expert, cases living with cancer and inflammatory ailments, and other severe diseases; high-tolerance THC users

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2 reviews for Skunky’s THC Cookie (150 mg/400 mg) – Skunky’s

  1. Reneelaurinphotography@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Make sure to check the amount you eat the first time. I’m with ^^^ these kicked my ass the first time (in a good way)

  2. Rob

    Damn these cookies just knocked me on my @$$! Will be back for more, a great deal!

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