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Traditional Gummy Candy (225 mg) – Skunky’s

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Skunky’s Gummy Candy: 8 Traditional Flavours

225 mg per pack (15 mg / pc)| 15 pieces

Sour Berries | Bubble Gum | Cherry Cola

Cola Bottles | Wacky Watermelons |

Wobble Worms | Variety


Skunky’s Gummies are exactly what you are looking for if you want a traditional gummy flavour similar to your favourite choices growing up.


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Price for all:   $120.00


A fresh spin on a classic MOM treat, Skunkys Gummy Candy is highly potent and comes in a variety of great shapes and flavours (Oranges, Bubble Gum, Cherry Cola, Wobble Worms, Wacky Watermelons, Cola Bottles, Blueberry Lemonade Bottles and Sour Berries), all of which are dusted with sugar and packed full of 225 mg of THC per package. Gummies have always been one of the most discreet, convenient ways to consume cannabis, and our new Skunkys Gummy Candy is another soft, fruity treat that makes it easy to get medicated almost anywhere. Delivering a gentle body stoned that helps with all kinds of pain, as well as anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia, but because everyone’s body reacts differently to edible cannabis, we recommend waiting at least 2 hours before administering higher doses.

Allergy information: contains sugar, artificial colouring and gelatin.

For more insanely delicious cannabis gummies or marijuana strains MOM has you covered. Even magic mushrooms and mushroom chocolates now!

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Sour Berries, Bubble Gum, Cherry Cola, Cola Bottles, Blueberry Lemonade Bottles, Wacky Watermelons, Wobble Worms, Variety, Oranges

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15 thoughts on “Traditional Gummy Candy (225 mg) – Skunky’s

  1. Can’t believe I shopped at other MOM’s before. MOM Canada only has the best products and next day delivery time for me in Toronto is literally insane. Quicker than amazon for me lately.

  2. Loving these classic coke bottles. Really just the same as you would pick up in the stores…with the perfected medicated …ZIP!

    Austion Hill says:
  3. Taste like regular coke bottle I have bought at the store. You would never know these are medicated. They are perfectly dosed as well. If you are looking for something that tastes like you just grabbed some traditional candy off the store shelves, these are probably for you.

    Antoine Leblanc says:
  4. These gummies are the best I have ever had! Love that they are dosed properly so I can have a couple. It is really hard to stop at just one!

    Coke bottles just make my night.

    Darren Green says:
  5. Skunky’s gummys are my go-to edible. I have yet to try a flavour that’s not delightfully yummo. I take half a piece if out and about, a full piece if relaxing at home. These amounts work great for me but everyone is different. I definitely recommend!

    The New Bruce says:
  6. One of my favourite edible products. not too strong, but if you take a few its great ! They taste like regular candy you’d never know

  7. we use the worms & berries, taste great, dosage at 1-1/2 or 2 works good for us, relaxing and we get a great nights sleep.

    James Murray says:
  8. I usually buy the “wobble worms” and they’re great. I usually take 2-3 pieces at one time and I get pretty high and feel incredibly happy, I’m usually my smiling the entire time. I found these helped with my depression too.
    I had a very busy and stressful job and taking half of one would help me relax and get through the afternoon rush of cars.

    I love that you can eat as many as you want and they taste like regular candy. I highly recommend these. Not to mention anything from this site ships very quickly, even to the tiny northern Ontario town that I live in.
    I’ll definitely have to purchase more soon!

    Steven Arthurs says:
  9. I ate 5 the first night and 7 the next time and honestly it wasnt great. Not sure if its my tolerance or what but I wasnt very impressed. I have ordered some cookies so hoping they are better

    Alexandra Classon says:
  10. Ordered cola bottles. These candies taste so good. Just like regular candies no after taste. No smell and healthy way to consume for medicinal purpose. I cut them in 3 . I usually like a 4 or 5 mg dose twice a day to feel benefits with tiny “buzz”. Cleaned my whole house, mood elevator! Tried prescribed medication for depression/anxiety it never really worked in fact made everything worst. Now that I start using herbal medicine I feel confident it won’t hurt my body and be effective. Please make more mini gummies!

    1. Glad to hear. Yes, I do similar for gummies and microdosing. No taste when made with a pure product like a distillate.

      momsupport says:

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