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Sour Jack (Sativa Dominant)

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The Sour Jack got its name from its parents Sour Diesel and Jack Herrer, which are two potent strains, no wonder this strain is also a potent strain. The strain’s taste and aroma will not dismay you because it is accompanied by uplifting qualities. This cannabis strain is a suitable daytime strain because of its long-lasting energy that will wake you up and accomplish the things that you have to do.


One must be an expert to enjoy this strain because even a small amount really hits. Even though this strain will make you active for the rest of the day while you are still under the high, you can expect a relaxed and fulfilled feeling.

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When you taste and smell this strain, you will get an idea of how potent this strain is. Its flavor is a mixture of a pungent diesel. Consumers describe the feeling that they have as they smoke this strain to the smoke that an ordinary cigarette gives, so if you are a cigarette user, you will enjoy using this strain more because of its leveled up the flavor.


This strain is a good recreational strain because of its THC level. It may not be a perfect strain to be used medicinally because it has a very small amount of CBD, but since this strain is good at uplifting the mood, it can help those who suffer from depression and anxiety. Its THC level ranges from 17%-22% while its CBD level is at 0.22%.


If you intended to grow this strain, make sure that you really know something about it because it is quite complicated to grow, but if it is grown in the right conditions, you will be rewarded with high yields. This strain is described to have a large bud that is lime green that complements its orange hairs. When you overdosed on this strain, sound, and visual hallucinations as well as dry mouth and red eyes.

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