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ClearStick V2 Cartridges (0.8 g) – Sovrin

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The Sovrin ClearStick Cartridges is a best -selling vape cartridge because you can choose from a variety of strain choices that comes in different flavor that will cater to each and every preferred taste of consumers whether a patient or just an ordinary recreational user. Aside from the strain’s extracts where you can get a potent effect, it’s distillates are also filled with its terpene content to have a more appealing taste and smell. This is a universal type cartridge because it can fit in almost all types of vape pen batteries. Experience a taste of cannabis in a pen that has no added sweetener and artificial colors.

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The Sovrin ClearStick Cartridges are available in three classifications, which are the THC, CBD, and a combination of THC and CBD. The cartridge that this brand offer ensures that it doesn’t contain bulking agents, filters, and residual solvents. It underwent quality control and a series of laboratory tests, making it one of the cleanest products that you can see in the market. It comes in a 0.8g cartridge that can last for multiple vaping sessions.  It is made specifically for distillates, which is an ideal base-product for your cartridge because it can last longer than a juice type refill.

Sovrin extracts offers the strains that they offer Girl Scout Cookies, Chocolop Bubba Kush, Skywalker OG, Jack Herer, Grand Daddy Purp, Grape Ape, Maui Waui, Tangie, Gelato, Watermelon, Sour Diesel, Candy Cane, Rose, Sweet Mint, Mango, and Grape. This cartridge caters to all-natural ingredients, so there will be no decrease in its performance and so that all that you will taste is just the freshness of your strain. The Sovrin ClearStick Cartridges is made from a high-quality material, which is a combination of metal and ceramic, which are durable. It is also properly sealed to avoid your base product from evaporating and losing its potency.

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PURE THC – Grape Ape (Indica), PURE THC – Maui Waui (Sativa), PURE THC – Super Lemon Haze (Sativa), PURE THC – Lime OG (Hybrid), PURE THC – ATF (Sativa), PURE THC – Sour Diesel (Sativa), PURE THC – Watermelon (Flav), PURE THC – Gelato (Hybrid), PURE THC – Grand Daddy Purp (Indica), PURE THC – Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid), PURE THC – Chocolope (Sativa), PURE THC – Bubba Kush (Indica), PURE THC – Skywalker OG (Hybrid), PURE THC – Jack Herer (Sativa), PURE THC – Tangie (Sativa), 1:1 THC/CBD – Sweet Mint, PURE CBD – Mango, PURE CBD – Grape, PURE THC – Candy Cane (Flav), PURE THC – Rosé (Flav), PURE OG Kush, Train Wreck, Sweet Mint 1:1, Blue Dream 1:1, Blue Dream

8 thoughts on “ClearStick V2 Cartridges (0.8 g) – Sovrin

    1. We do not sell the batteries. We do have the cann co2 vapes with the carts though.

  1. Sovrin has the best pull in the game. Can’t believe I went with legal weed for a minute. So disappointing.

    MOM will you accept me again? I am back =)

  2. These are the best vapes on the market. MOM is the fastest and best e-commerce retailer out there. Glad I found you MOM!

    Terry Eng says:
  3. Totally agree with the user’s comment above. The Sovrin cartridge has a great, smooth, properly dosed pull. The effect was proper and pretty quick. I got the Watermelon, ATF and Grape Ape. All flavours were amazing. The vape smoke filled the room with such a perfect smell as well. The cartridge worked fine on my 5/10 pen as well. I will definitely put another order again soon

    Olivier Miller says:
  4. I bought the Tangie and the Grand Daddy Purp cartridge refill. They work with the original vape pen I bought which was the Compassion Concentrate kit. The difference between the cartridge I got with the Compassion Concentrate Kit and the Tangie is night and day. The Compassion concentrate took a lot more in pulls to get the same buzz I got from Tangie. With the Tangie, I pull 3 or 4 times, and I’m good. With the Compassion cartridge, I would pull 10 times to get near the same effect.I will definitely continue buying this brand. Way better taste too. The Sovrin cartridge works with the compassion vape pen.

    Valerie Harrison says:

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