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ClearStick Vape Kit – Sovrin

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Convenient and easy to use, this is how Sovrin ClearStick Kit is usually described. This is a perfect use for those who are always on the go. Whether you have just shifted to using a vape or you are already a pro, you will not have a hard time operating this vape even without the use of a manual. This Sovrin ClearStick Kit consists of all the things that you need to take your vaping experience into the next level.

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This Sovrin ClearStick Kit features a no switch button; you’ll just need to ensure that the cartridge is properly attached to the battery and its ready to use. An indication that the vape is in use if the LED indicator is turned on. Even though it doesn’t have a switch button, the battery will temporarily shut off after every 10 seconds for safe use. The kit includes a battery charger, refill cartridge that is in a hard case, and the ClearStick V2 battery.


The kit keeps the vape discreetly, so it is easier to take anywhere. The ClearStick comes in varying flavors that suit your preference. Their flavor selection caters to each type of smoker, whether it is for a patient or for recreational use. You no longer need any support in consuming cannabis when used this Sovrin kit because it can fulfill the needed cannabis intake accordingly.


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