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Premium Pre Rolled Cone Joints (Strawberry Moonrock) – MOM Canada

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The Strawberry Moonrock Premium Pre Rolled Cone Joints is blended with high-quality C02 oil with a powdered kief. You can truly enjoy the mouthwatering taste and aromatic vibes. This is a perfect joint pre-roll that has nice white ash when burned. The Strawberry Moonrock has a natural stickiness that will give off a thick but gentle on the lungs smoke.


Almost half of its content is pure THC, so you can expect a mind-blowing high as soon as it settles into your system. Its strong aroma will give you an impression on how potent this cannabis strain is, especially if you would smoke it through a pre-rolled cone joint.


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The use of pre-rolled cone joints to consume the Strawberry Moonrock has been a practice even in ancient times. The Strawberry Moonrock is combined with cannabis oil or is sprinkled by a hash oil to have a more thick and flavorful smoke. Since it has about 50% THC content, you will have an impressive high that will take effect in a couple of minutes but will last for hours.


Due to its potency, it is not a recommended strain for newbies. Strawberry Moonrock is a Sativa cannabis strain, as seen on its appearance and terpene profile. It has a pungent fruity scent that will immediately deliver its uplifting effects.


Those consumers that have anxiety, depression, and stress-related issues will have a shift of mood positively. To fully enjoy its texture and consistency, don’t grind it if you would use it into your roll; just cut it with scissors for you to consume it conveniently.


It is described to have rich nugs that are concentrated. Aside from rolling it into a joint, you can tear it in pieces, and you may smoke it in a bong or pipe. If you would want to grow this strain, it may take 9 weeks for it to proceed.


5 reviews for Premium Pre Rolled Cone Joints (Strawberry Moonrock) – MOM Canada

  1. Calvin

    Agree with the other customers here….they are pricey, but worth it Just wow! 1 pull and was in another stratosphere!

  2. Antoine Leblanc

    I gagged on the price at first. But I trust MOM. I can completely agree with the other comments here. I literally had one pull and I was off to LALALaaaand. The smoothest draw I have ever had in a J. Definitely a nice treat. Never had a pull like this.

  3. Ryan Dean (verified owner)

    There really nice to have but they are always out of stock

    • G A

      Should have more in a week!

  4. ldc567 (verified owner)

    A delicious yet expensive treat ?

  5. randyedgar (verified owner)

    Very pricey @ $20/J
    Very smooth smoke nice flavor doesn’t take much to get an elevating high I recommend them
    ……[ @ @ ]……………

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