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Supernova (Indica Dominant Hybrid)


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If you are into an extreme feeling of cerebral euphoria accompanied by deep body-mind relaxation, the SuperNova strain is the number 1 candidate. It is a suitable strain if you are in a social setting that requires you to be chatty or giggly. It is described to be a highly potent strain; that is why it is often called the “chronic strain.”


This strain doesn’t only boosts sociability but your creativeness as well. This is a daytime strain, but it is commonly used in social events or parties at night. This strain is known as the espresso-like strain because of its ability to make the users alert and active.

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This powerful strain comes from four strains, which are The White, Cinderella 99, Acapulco Gold, and the Malawi Gold. It is 75% Indica and 25% Sativa characteristics. It is not only known for its mind and bodily effects, but it is known for its attractive physical appearance with beautiful buds covered in thick resin and sparkling trichomes.


Its THC content ranges from 25%-28%. It has sedative properties that do well in helping those who suffer from insomnia, headache, and chronic pain, but since its CBD level is uncertain, it is not a recommended strain to treat other mental illnesses such as seizures, spasms, and other serious diseases. This strain gives hints of sweet caramel when tastes while giving off herbally and earthy smell.


This is an ideal strain to grow for beginners because it is under auto-flowering strain that is quick flowering and that it is a hardy strain that handles molds and pest infestations easily. During the first few hours of the high, you will feel a sense of euphoria that leads you to be efficient in critical thinking. A common side effect of this strain has munchies; that is why it is great for those who lack appetite because this is the chance to enrich yourself with nutrients your body needs.



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