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Gummy Candy Bags (40 mg) 3 pcs – Treat Leaf

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Looking for delicious, potent, and high-quality edibles? Then look no further, the Treat Leaf Gummy Candy Bags can satisfy your edible cravings. It’s made from superior quality ingredients only and is infused with the highest quality of THC distillate. There are no other gummy candy edibles like this. Aside from tasting unique and delicious flavors, you also get to enjoy the medical-grade effects of cannabis. Taste the delightful sweetness and sourness of these candies while feeling relaxed and euphoric.

Apart from being a tasty treat, this gummy candy bag contains THC extract, which is very effective in helping you achieve a more relaxed state. This is also the perfect snack for people who are trying to finish a project or accomplish a task. It’s because the high-quality THC extract found in these candies are lab-tested and are proven to boost one’s energy and creativity. Finishing whatever task is at hand becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable if you take these snacks.

Due to heat during the summer months. Some edibles maybe melt during shipping. All products are medically consumable. Products simply have changed form. We will not be issuing refunds for melted products.


What’s more interesting about Treat Leaf Gummy Candy Bags is that it contains different kinds of unique yet familiar flavors: Rootbeer, Kiwi, Wild Raspberry, Peach, Juicy Fruit, Sour Keys, Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry, Pineapple, Pina Colada, Green Apple, Hawaiian Slap, Orange Mango, Cherry Cola, Blueberry, Pear Candy, Sherbert, Lemon Orange, and Cherry Blaster. Choose your flavor and discover why these delicious treats are superior compared to other products. The original 120mg THC candy bags contain 3 servings and 40 mg THC per serving.

Enjoy the sweet and sour goodness of these delectable gummy candies while feeling more relaxed. This is also one of the best snacks available today that can effectively reduce pain and anxiety. You can also find great reviews written by patients who have tasted Treat Leaf Gummy Candy Bags before. So what are you waiting for? Pick the best flavor now!

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Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Peach, Kiwi, Orange Mango, Hawaiian Slap, Blueberry, Sherbert, Black Cherry, Gusher, Strawberry & Watermelon, Cherry Cola, Pineapple, Cherry Blaster, Juicy Fruit, Wild Raspberry, Sour Keys, Banana, Cola, Strawberry, Bubble Gum, Blue Dream

7 thoughts on “Gummy Candy Bags (40 mg) 3 pcs – Treat Leaf

  1. These are the best gummies I have ever had. Marijuana or otherwise. Wow…just WOW.

    Austion Hill says:
  2. Flavours on all the Treat Leaf are amazing. I am constantly rotating it up and trying another. Just like Michelle said, the flavour packed into these is absurd!

  3. I ordered the Orange Mango and it’s delicious. The flavour it packs is absurd, with a buzz after roughly 60 minutes.

    Michelle says:

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