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Death Bubba/Rockstar Kush Winterized Oil Blend (64.2% THC) – Viridesco

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Try the blend of two cannabis strains and see how amazing it can do to address your health concerns. With the Viridesco Death Bubba/Rockstar Kush Winterized Oil Blend, you can experience the effects of Death Bubba and Rockstar Kush. The striking and homey scent is nearly the same as the relaxing and smooth flavor. The blend can hit you almost instantly, but even at its spike, you will not be too overwhelmed by the effect. Viridesco Death Bubba/Rockstar Kush Winterized Oil Blend is widely used now because of this amazing combination. Buy this product now and avail of the benefits it offers.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Viridesco Death Bubba/Rockstar Kush Winterized Oil Blend is an oil that is taken from the strains of Death Bubba and Rockstar Kush, which are grown and cultivated in the captivating British Columbia. The oil is a compelling concentrate created from the protracted CBD of the featured cannabis plants via an extraction process, attained through an adept purging of the used solvent and cannabis solution. The oil is packed well with a cartridge size of either 2ml or 5ml. This exclusive vaping oil has been separately examined at MB labs to have more than 69.76% cannabinoids, counting in the 64.20% THC.

This winterized oil blend is composed of Delta-9 THC (64.20%), CannaBiNol (0.85%), CannaBiChromene (0.85%), and CannaBiGerol (2.8%). With the winterized oil blend of Viridesco, you can be given aid with the manifestations of cancer, infections, MS, inflammations, diabetes, pain, sleeping problems, asthma, arthritis, depression, and blood pressure.

When using this product, users should begin with a quantity that is around the size of ½ grain of rice. He or she can either apply or vaporize the concentrate sublingually. If put underneath the tongue, its active components are rapidly penetrated in the bloodstream through the membrane in the throat and tongue.

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