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Viridesco Hemp Flower Oil | Premium CO2 Hemp Oil (CBD 73%)

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Viridesco Premium CO2 Hemp Flower Oil

73% CBD|  2 mL or 5 mL

CannaBiDiol (73%), CannaBiChromene (3.75%), Delta-9 THC (2.58%), and CannaBiGerol (1%)

Viridesco Hemp Flower Oil is known for it’s high quality medical properties. A product MOM is happy to carry.

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Viridesco Hemp Flower Oil (Viridesco Premium CO2 Hemp CBD – 73%) Oil is a kind of Full Plant Extract or FPE. So far, this product has the most ultimate-tested CBD oil. It has been separately examined at 73 % CBD. This superior CO2 extract can either be vaped, smoked (dipped on a joint), used topically, orally. Really any method of application you want.

When using Viridesco Hemp Flower Oil, it is recommended that you carefully experiment to ensure the utmost efficiency. It is expected that you will administer this product on a method that you are comfortable with; however, you should also see whether the product can really work on your method.

This incredible CO2 Hemp CBD oil is characterized with the following components: CannaBiDiol (73%), CannaBiChromene (3.75%), Delta-9 THC (2.58%), and CannaBiGerol (1%). These components directly contribute to creating a relaxing and cerebral effect. They can also work to provide relief on arthritis, stress, insomnia, anxiety, diabetes, depression, and pain. CBD itself is an amazing component that can carry out various tasks. It can serve as an antioxidant, antipsychotic, anti-depressant, anti-tumoral, anticonvulsant, and anti-inflammatory agent. The product is very accessible in its simple-to-use syringe, for marvelously fast relief for a huge classification of symptoms. It is available in two cartridge sizes: 2ml and 5ml volume.

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