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Migthty Mite RSO (63.6% THC; 80% Indica) – Viridesco

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This Indica based RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) has the name Mighty Might for a reason. This oil comes in 2 mL and 5 mL doses, packing the punch like the name says. RSO is also referred as Phoenix Tears, FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) , and

FPE (Full Plant Extract).

Might Might contains all essential plant oils fats and lipids along with cannabinoids and terpenes. These all work in synergy together, giving all the medical benefits.

This oil is 80% Indica.

Good for smoking, vaping, topical, oral/edible needs.

Tested at MB Labs in Victoria states 63.6 THC and 67.6 TC

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1 thought on “Migthty Mite RSO (63.6% THC; 80% Indica) – Viridesco

  1. Wow…quite simply the best Viridesco product I have tried. Incredibly strong. I have been a Viridesco customer for years. MOM Canada also provides the best service and price for their products.

    Pierre Anderson says:

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