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Sea Warp Honey Oil – Viridesco

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Viridesco Sea Warp Honey Oil is described to have balanced hybrid characteristics with an aromatic vibe with hints of pine aroma. The aim of this oil is to give a cerebral, mental, and euphoric high that gives a calming effect for both recreational and therapeutic uses.


This cannabis oil is enriched with cannabis concentration with about 81.50% cannabinoids, 78.5% of which is the THC content. This oil is not only to be used for the topical method, but it is also known as the high-quality oil for vaping. Since it has a 50/50 Sativa and Indica characteristics, it gives off-balanced energy with its pain relief properties.


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Viridesco Sea Warp Honey Oil is made from full cannabis plant extract. Even though it has a high THC content, its CBD content neutralizes its THC compounds to make sure that its terpene profile is not that strong. Aside from its cannabinoid contents, it also has Cannabichromene, Cannabinol, and Cannabigerol, which is an active compound to make sure that its therapeutic effects are enhanced.


Cannabichromene is an effective anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-diarrhea. Its Cannabigerol aids in neuroprotectant and acts as a vasodilator. Cannabinol is a cannabinoid that takes good care of stimulating appetite and uplifting the spirits of those who have anxiety and depression. This cannabis oil can be used through smoking, dabbing, and vaping.


Experts say that the THC level on this product is just the ideal amount for it to deliver both therapeutic and psychoactive effects. When you got the package, you will not have a hard time using it because there is an included manual that has detailed instructions on how to administer it. Just by smelling this oil, you will feel the relaxation that leads you to sleep. Consumers who tried smoking this oil reported that they had experienced a high that keeps them productive without feeling any tiredness throughout the day.

1 review for Sea Warp Honey Oil – Viridesco

  1. MusicMang (verified owner)

    What can I say……this is some of the best honey oil I’ve had in decades.
    Very smooth taste,no irritating cough when vaping this oil.
    Be aware that this isn’t some ordinary honey oil that you probably remember having
    back in the day.Viridesco produces some of the best quality extracts on the market.
    Make no mistake,you won’t be disappointed with this oil.
    This is perfect for daytime use because it has the perfect balance so you won’t be
    completely rendered useless for your daytime activities.The high is very energetic/creative,with excellent pain management properties.
    A 2ml vile can go a long way if you decide to vape.
    The bottom line is…..you’ll be truly doing yourself a disfavour if you don’t try this.

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