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House Blend X Winterized Oil (71.4% THC) – Viridesco

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Eliminate the pain with the Viridesco House Blend X Winterized Oil. With the nice combination of cannabinoids, you will surely enjoy its medicinal benefits. You can finally resolve your issues in trouble with sleeping. You can finally get the best solution to your joint pain. Nothing so far can outstand this magnificent product. Viridesco House Blend X Winterized Oil is a hybrid offering you a complete body high. A lot of people have already tried this product and felt the amazing effects promised by the brand. Check the availability of this product and get your share now before others fully consume it.


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Viridesco House Blend X Winterized Oil is formulated from a combination of Indica and Hybrid strains, which are grown and cultivated in British Columbia. The compound profile of the cannabinoid of this BHO originates from the 10 strains of superior cannabis for a complete cannabinoid profile. The oil has been separately examined at MB labs, exhibiting more than 71.40% THC. Although it is a compelling THC oil, the increased levels of CBD, CBC, and CBG will stimulate a lot of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and the body.

The product is made with 2ml and 5ml syringes. It works to provide alleviation on anxiety, pain, insomnia, stress, and depression. The use of this product offers a relaxing and euphoric feeling. It can be anyone’s secret weapon to fight mood swings, PMS pains, and aphrodisiac.

You can use the Viridesco Blend X Winterized Oil though different approaches: topical, oral or sub-lingual, smoking or vaporizing, cooking, or edible. It is flavorful so you can have a pleasant experience when ingesting it. Effects can last for 3 to 4 hours. With its effective components and safe formulation, Viridesco House Blend X Winterized Oil is highly recommended. There is no other way but getting satisfied when using this product.

1 review for House Blend X Winterized Oil (71.4% THC) – Viridesco

  1. LKrishka (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite oils, it always delivers a nice, smooth, strong punch.

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