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Wine Gummies (300 mg) – Dose

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3 Delicious Alcohol Flavours

300 mg per pack

Wine Duo | Peach Bellini | Strawberry Champagne

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Perfect combination of your favourite alcoholic drink in a THC gummie

Due to heat during the summer months. Some edibles maybe melt during shipping. All products are medically consumable. Products simply have changed form. We will not be issuing refunds for melted products.


Found in different flavors of wine duo, peach bellini, and strawberry champagne, the Dose THC Wine Infused Gummies are the highest-quality edibles to find on the market today. This is backed by consistency and precision in the ingredients formulated. This can promise you the confidence you ever need. This is also uniquely infused as a gummy in wine flavor. This still requires extreme caution when you dose it in.

The ingredients it has include gelatine, fructose, glucose, natural and artificial colors, tartaric acid, and THC distillate. Its promising benefits can include joint and pain relief, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, increased appetite, and PTSD.

This is a new breakthrough as a gummy that you should ever try out with. This can best relax your body and help give you a better quality of sleep. This is something that can give you a less sugary but natural taste.

Such a delectable buzz and a tasty treat are promised by this tasty treat. What now comes next is relaxing and sitting back still. This is something that can be relaxing to chew from a long day of distress.

This also leaves your mind open while your sweet tooth is best satisfied. Swallow it in any way that you want it to.

Do you want a THC wine-infused gummy? If yes, the dose THC wine gummies (200mg/pak) is the right one for you. Grab this one today that is created from highest-quality standards on the market. This is well-formulated in consistency and precision that sets it different from the rest. This can give you much confidence as it enhances all your senses. This is indeed a fun party flavor you would naturally love about. This is an edible product that is tested first in the laboratory before being introduced on the market. This allows you to enjoy its uniqueness and wine flavor.

For more insanely delicious cannabis gummies or marijuana strains MOM has you covered. Even magic mushrooms and mushroom chocolates now!

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Strawberry Champagne, Peach Bellini, Wine Duo

7 thoughts on “Wine Gummies (300 mg) – Dose

  1. These and the Five point cocktail edibles are so good. Perfect way to enjoy marijuana cocktail flavoured edibles.

  2. If you are a recovering alkie like me, this is a great way to get your fix. The flavour was on point!

    MOM and Dose really killed it with this one.

    deEEeez says:
  3. These have a great taste! I grabbed the wine duo, and really thought I was sipping on a nice glass before bed. Flavour can not be beat. MOM Canada delivers fast as well. They are the Amazon of weed!

    Olivier Miller says:
  4. Flavour of these are just amazing. MOM customer service can not be beat. I am always impressed how quickly everything arrives to my door.

  5. Great taste and good dose. 1 gave me a nice hum and two relaxed me completely. I will buy again.

    Valerie Harrison says:

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