Purple God Bud: Weed for the Gods

Purple God Buds: Weed from the Gods

One of the rarest and the most potent indica-dominant strain is Purple God Bud. It is recommended as an evening strain because it can make you feel relaxed and very sleepy. It may be so named because of its ability to overpower insomnia which is mostly very hard to manage. It is the strain for the gods because of its uplifting body high which will slowly grab hold of you. Take Purple God Bud in moderate to high amounts and you may experience that couch-lock effect that you have been looking for.

What is Purple God Bud strain?

Purple God Bud is a very potent indica –dominant strain with 70% indica and 30% sativa lineage. It is a high THC strain which can be as high as 31%. This is a tropical, fruity strain made by the union of Purple Skunk, God, and Hawaiian strains. This is rather a very unusual mix of three very potent strains which is why Purple God Bud is powerful, THC-rich and a potent medicinal and recreational strain.

The effects of Purple God Bud

Purple God Bud has a strong effect that will leave you wanting for more. The effects will take effect very slowly but once it does, it will be very potent and will even cause a couchlock effect. Once this strain’s effects are full-blown, you will feel as if your arms and legs are made of steel.

This strain has amazing relaxing effects and can relieve insomnia. However, there are some negative effects as well. One, Purple God Bud can cause severe dry mouth and dry eyes due to its very high THC amount. THC can increase blood flow to the different parts of the body and this can cause dryness and redness. Aside from these negative effects, this hybrid can also cause dizziness, headaches, and paranoia especially in people new to consuming this strain.

Are there any medicinal effects of Purple God Bud?

Purple God Bud has extreme relaxing effects. Because of its very high THC level, it can be used as a natural relaxant. It can relax you and even put you to sleep as the effects become more and more pronounced. This can help people who are suffering from stress in a natural, effective way to improve mental and physical well-being. This can also benefit people who are suffering from insomnia. This strain can naturally put an end to sleepless nights and sleeplessness especially in the middle of the night.

This strain can also be used to deal with anxiety and depression. It has mood-elevating effects which can help remove negative emotions which can naturally boost mood without any negative effects and dependence. There is no need to rely on tranquilizers and anti-anxiety medication which can do more harm than good.

Purple God Bud is a blessing for people who are suffering from pain. It is a good strain for pain relief because of its towering THC levels. Its natural analgesic effects can help reduce headaches, muscle pains, muscle strains, migraines, and even chronic pains.

Using Purple God Bud is indeed very rewarding but it should not be consumed for therapeutic use unless it is recommended by your doctor. Consult your doctor if you want to use this strain for any medical condition.

Characteristics of Purple God Bud weed strain

  • Smell – fruity and berry
  • Taste – ripe fruit and woody
  • Effects – overly relaxing
  • Flowering Time – 9 weeks
  • Growing – easy
  • Height- Short
  • THC – 31%
  • CBD – 1.22%
  • Lineage – God, Hawaiian and Purple Skunk

How to grow Purple God Bud?

Purple God Bud is an indica-dominant cannabis strain, therefore, this plant is small. Because of its size, this plant is ideal for indoor growing as you can stealthily grow this small strain in a small cabinet, tent or growing room.

But despite its size, this plant can grow tight, dense and lovely buds loaded with heavy THC. It is natural to find readings of up to 32% THC in every tight and delicious bud. Protecting these lovely buds is your sole responsibility especially when harvest time is near. You must do all you can to protect your dense buds.

To protect your buds from insects, pests, and molds, water your plants only when the soil is dry. Never water when the soil is wet or moist because doing so can lead to the development of molds and mildew. You must also maintain the right humidity level inside your growing area to prevent mold.

One way to reduce humidity is to use two fans to improve air circulation. One fan will blow air out from the growing area and one fan will blow fresh and cool air in. This will also dry up the soil to avoid mold growth plus will also strengthen the leaves and branches of your plants.

Purple God Bud can handle colder climates but will not fare well with high humidity. A drop in temperature can cause the buds to take a purple hue. This strain needs temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Purple God Bud can be grown indoors and outdoors but no doubt that it is for indoor growing because of its very small structure. The size of this plant will allow you to grow more than what you need indoors. This is indeed good but like most cannabis strains, these plants can cause an accumulation of a very potent smell.

You must get rid of the smell of Purple God Bud as much as possible to preserve your indoor stealth growing. You can use efficient carbon filters to remove the icky smell. Using two fans to dry up soil is also one way to mobilize fresh air inside the growing area and to remove potent and strong smells.

Feeding this indica strain is another common problem. Unlike other strains that don’t need too much feeding, Purple God Bud, on the other hand, needs heavy feeding from the time it grows and vegs out.

Purple God Bud Strain Review

Purple God Bud is a very potent indica. For a grower, this is an easy to grow strain which can yield more from its very dense and potent buds. These plants may grow small but the buds are large and dense. You will surely get more from each plant when you use special training strategies like topping, pruning, and trimming.

Not all people like the way this strain takes effect. Because of its potent THC levels, it brings severe psychoactive effects. These effects are so powerful that can cause restlessness, relaxation and even couchlock effects.

Purple God Bud is, therefore, a blessing for growers, a good medicinal strain and a potent recreational strain.

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