Purple Kush Strain: A Real Indica Heavy Hitter (Origins, Benefits + More!)


Purple kush is a strain that boasts the purple element in more than one way. The deep red, violet, and pink colors of this strain make it obvious that it’s purple kush. And if that isn’t enough, it also tastes like all things purple: grapes, candy sweets, red wine. If the appeal of its look and magnificent flavor isn’t enough, it likewise is a 100% indica, so it can make you incredibly unwinded, giggly, and delighted, along with that well known couch lock.

purple kush early flower cycle







Proclaimed as one of the Leading 10 cannabis strains by High Times themselves back in 2016, the other worldy purple kush strain rightfully lives up to its colorful persona.

Highlighting its vibrantly shaded buds that bloom and blossom with purples, pinks and reds, sealed with dark to neon greens and a scrumptious flavor to connect the entire matter together, this strain is a neatly jam-packed gift of terrific green ganja, all set to be shared with the whole planet.

Purple kush marijuana is popular for existing as a totally pure indica strain, bred from landrace genetics in California.

Purple kush strain has numerous medical advantages, which remains in part why numerous have actually ended up being hooked to its euphoric, relaxing and often even trippy effects, however much more so, this marijuana strain is versatile and potent, making it a winner for a diverse group of clients, cannaiseurs, beginner smokers, casual 420 customers and beyond.

Turning into one of the top “household name” globalized cannabis stress, purple kush strain makes a vibrant addition to your pot stash or medication cabinet, and you might even shock yourself with the discovery of continually reaching for PK late during the night.


What Is the Purple Kush Cannabis Strain?

Bred in what is thought to be Oakland, California from 2 pure landrace indica strains, purple kush weed is one worth speaking about, due to the fact that it is basically the offspring of pure genes amongst a sea of messy and untraceable backgrounds (generally, this marijuana srain is an uncommon discover).

The parents of puruple kush weed are the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani indicas, making this ganja’s composition amount to a striking 100% indica and 0% sativa ratio. In addition to its body numbing, entirely restorative impacts, purple kush has this genuine eloquence to it, with strikingly shaded buds that prove it hard to keep your eyes off this charm.

If you are searching for a powerhouse cannabis bud, you’ve got it with PK; test data shows a THC portion of 18-25%, so this girl is one potent cannabis stress.

Purple Kush Strain Review

Purple Kush Appearance

One element of purple kush strain that definitely stands out to consumers internationally is its incredible aesthetic appeal that not just sits pretty on the eyes, but likewise delights the taste buds and nose, stimulating almost all of the sense.

The physical elements of pk weed stress are beyond original, with not many other marijuana strains existing worldwide that appear rather like this one. When you first crack open that jar, you will be overwhelmed with a sweetness reminiscent of your favorite grape candy, with hints subtle of earthy pungence mixed in.

The flavor of Purple Kush weed is naturally comparable to the odor, with a great wine-like tang where you can appreciate the sensation of freshly-plucked grapes.

Aside from taste and smell, the appearance of Purple Kush is most likely its most popular attribute, with an all-over vibrant pigmentation that sparkles and shines with magnificent pinks, reds and purples, all ranging in tones from dark to light; faint to strong.

In in between the sea of violets, you can catch deep to neon green sugar leaves, with intense orange pistils that reach and curl, straight for the clouds. The water leaves are similarly as stunning too, including pointers that vary from deep purple to burgundy to coral orange in tone, recollective of a strongly created expressionistic painting.

All of these fantastic characteristics, plus just the core way in which Purple Kush can make you feel, all combine to become an explanation for why PK is merely so iconic, specifically in areas extending throughout California.

Purple Kush Strain: Grow Information

Most would most likely concur that growing pk weed is of medium problem. As is characteristic of the majority of any 100% pure indica strain, Purple Kush grows low to the ground with a bushy figure, making it often a difficult cannabis strain to correctly cultivate in an outdoors environment.

Due to its low stature, if you are growing PK outside, you have to discover an area with an appropriate quantity of full-sun, so that even the leaves lying low to the ground are penetrated by the rays. In addition, look for an outdoor area that is dry and lacks humidity or exposure to rain.

Even if Purple Kush is naturally rather resistant to mold, powdery mildew and bugs, getting this crop damp can show troublesome. You won’t require to worry about bugs though, due to the fact that these little critters absolutely dislike the bitter taste of this marijuana strain and avoid it.

Inside, basically, is the most suitable location to grow Purple Kush weed as you will not need to section off a tall area to grow the crops.

Additionally, inside it is simple and easy to keep PK far from humidity and rain, along with keeping the temperature level stable. Soil grown approaches are most likely best for Purple Kush, due to the fact that hydroponics inside can often lead to a boost of humidity, ending up being hazardous to the plants. Hydroponics could work, however additional procedures would need to be carried out, such as an ongoing dehumidifier, for success.

The flowering duration of Purple Kush weed is around 8 weeks, which is much shorter than average, with outdoor grown plants ending up being ready to harvest around late-September, earlier than many other marijuana strains. An indoor yield is generally around 15 ounces per square meter, with outdoors yields varying somewhat lower at around 9 ounces per plant.

Purple Kush Strain Effects

The pk weed marijuana stress can turn your world upside-down, being a contradiction within itself, one that entirely de-stresses the body, however stimulates and activates the mind far beyond just the mindful level.

Some customers have actually reported hallucination-like effects after cigarette smoking this cannabis, Purple Kush need to not leave you paranoid or anxious, due to the fact that of its unbelievable ability to really launch the body and let it relax.

Aside from this overwhelm of ease, the pk weed stress can leave you pleased, even laughing, with a heavy on-set of cravings (induce the munchies!) and even couch-lock, all without causing your brain to feel foggy or confused. Mental clearness and body loosening are a killer combination that lots of pure indica stress lack, however pk weed will always provide.

Pk weed makes an eloquent addition to your night marijuana regimen, and is vital for a chill time with friends, a lover or a date; a marijuana stress that empowers you to break down your barriers and entirely merge a lasting bliss that only magnifies as the time rolls away.

Most of all, however, most who hit a little pk weed before bed will find themselves liquifying into among the deepest, most relaxing night’s sleep they have actually most likely ever experienced– and absolute godsend for sufferers of sleeping disorders.

Medical Benefits Include:

purple kush dried buds

The pkweed strain is advantageous for a wide range of medical conditions, although mostly symptoms and not straight for the treatment of extremely severe scenarios.

Rather, if you are experiencing things like nausea, absence of appetite, or insomnia because of a more serious condition, or merely because of an independent factor, pk weed might show handy. If you are utilizing this cannabis strain for insomnia, lack of appetite, persistent pain or queasiness, a larger than average dosage is most likely in order so you can get the complete effect of this medicinal marijuana.

A simple method to delight in a higher dose of purple kush strain is by taking edibles, live resin, gummies, sweets, concentrates, or bubble hash.

All of these alternate kinds of marijuana pump the body with a greater dose of THC, with typically generates longer enduring effects too, making it a suitable choice to hold you over for a considerable period of time.

On the other hand, purple kush strain might likewise have the ability to help heal depression, tension, anxiety and other psychological conditions, however a larger than typical dose can really be potentially harmful to clients of these conditions.

Those handling psychological conditions are frequently more vulnerable to THC caused fear or stress and anxiety, no matter the strain. In order to avoid any uneasy or undesirable circumstances, start by taking in a low to average dosage that you are not just acquainted with, but also that sits within your limits and restrictions. Stick to your comfort zone and increase the dosage as necessary after waiting on a minimum of an hour and monitoring in frequently on your own state of being.

Possible Adverse Effects?

Traditionally, there is very little threat related to taking in purple kush as it isn’t a stimulator or sativa-influenced marijuana strain in any way. Fear, anxiety or increased stress ought to not be a worry with PK, so the only possibilities left are more physical-like adverse impacts.

Most of customers who have actually reported negative effects declare cottonmouth as the number one failure of purple kush weed.

Thankfully, this is the most common possible negative effects connected with the intake of practically any cannabis strain, and is easily manageable with a little additional preparation. Be sure to drink lots of hydrating fluids in the past, during and after your high, which will help to quench any thirst you might be experiencing and trigger your mouth to start producing sufficient saliva again.

Final Ideas About the pk weed strain?

We hope that you have actually found this pk weed strain evaluation to not just be amusing, however likewise instructional and helpful. Pk weed is one substantial cannabis varieties, whose impacts should not be lost out on.

Legitimately-speaking, it must use up an important piece in the “medication cabinet” of MMJ stoners, 420-lovers and patients all over. It is important to keep in mind that the intake of cannabis is the sole obligation of the user and discretion ought to be taken.

Pk weed is a strain that boasts the purple aspect in more than one method. The deep red, violet, and pink shades of this strain make it obvious that it’s the purple kush strain. And if that isn’t enough, it also tastes like all things purple: grapes, candy, white wine. Soil grown techniques are probably best for pk weed, since hydroponics inside your home can sometimes result in an increase of humidity, becoming harmful to the plants. Mental clearness and body loosening are a killer mix that lots of pure indica strains do not have, however pk weed will always deliver.

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