Quantom OG Kush for a Clear-Headed High

Quantom OG Kush is a Sativa strain made by the union of a Sweet Irish Kush and a Timewreck. This combination gave birth to a potent strain that will give you that satisfying high but without making you lose your mind. QuantomKush OG is a good strain for people who want to spend the day relaxing. Its clear-headed high will take you to Relax-ville without taking you to the stratosphere.

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What is Quantom OG Kush strain?

Quantom OG Kush is a sativa strain with an amazingly-high THC level at 28.5%. This might be the strain that you have been looking for because of its satisfying high without causing trouble. It was originally made by Homegrown Natural Wonders by mixing a Sweet Irish Kush and a Timewreck. This combination created a strain with a complex aroma with earthy and sweet undertones. The effect of Quantom Kush OG is quite strong considering it has 28.5% THC but you will be surprised because you will be able to continue being focused and clear-headed. When you are growing Quantom OG Kush, you will be pleased to know that this can flower fast. It can give you potent buds in as fast as 7 to 9 weeks. When it comes to yields, you will enjoy moderately high yields with buds that are dense, large and perfect for drying. This kind of plant will grow taller than most strains because of its powerful sativa lineage. This will surely be a perfect strain to grow outdoors.

Effects of Quantom OG Kush

Quantom OG Kush is a strain that is so potent it will make you very relaxed and euphoric. But you won’t feel sleepy or immediately doze off after taking a few whiffs. This strain will make you feel clear-headed enough to let you work on different projects and tasks at a time. If you are looking for a strain that will keep you high but with a functional high then Quantom OG Kush is your strain. This is a strain that will make you feel uplifted, happy and euphoric. At moderate doses, you will feel that amazing pure energy that will make you want to move and do whatever you want. Because this won’t make you feel too relaxed, you can still function all the way. But if you were to take a potent dose, you might feel too dizzy and may suffer from headaches. The effects of Quantom Kush OG will last for hours and soon, you will surrender to total relaxation and sleep. Aside from the different natural effects and medical effects of this strain, you will also experience some negative effects which you should be very careful of. This strain can cause dry mouth and dry eyes, two common side effects of using cannabis especially a high THC strain like Quantom OG Kush. High THC levels can cause increased blood levels in the different parts of the body including the small blood vessels of the eyes and mouth. To reduce the effects of THC, you must reduce your dose. Other side effects include dizziness, headaches, and slight paranoia; these effects can be too extreme especially if you are new to taking Quantom OG Kush. Therefore it’s very important to exercise moderation especially if you are new to using cannabis or weed of this level of potency.

Medical effects of Quantom OG Kush

Quantom OG Kush is not just a recreational strain with 28.5%THC but is also a strain with very potent medical effects. You can use this strain for the relief of depression and stress. You can take advantage of its potent natural mood-elevating properties to deal with negative feelings, discouragement, anger, and other negative emotions. It can help with pain with its very powerful natural analgesic properties. You can use this to naturally relieve pain such as headaches, muscle strain, muscle pain, and migraines. You won’t have to take medications that will only do more harm than good when you take Quantom Kush OG for pain. You may also use this strain to take care of physical or mental fatigue. It can work well with people who have poor appetites, nausea and vomiting. This is especially effective in dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy and will help patients to start their life anew.

Characteristics of Quantom OG Kush weed strain

  • Smell – earthy, flowery and sweet
  • Taste – sweet and earthy
  • Effects – clear-headed relaxation
  • Flowering Time – 56 to 63 days
  • Growing – easy
  • Height – 78 inches
  • THC – 28.5%
  • CBD – 1%
  • Lineage – Sweet Irish Kush and Trainwreck

How to grow Quantom OG Kush?

Quantom OG Kush is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that will give you clear-headed relaxation. You can grow this indoors or outdoors and still get good yields provided you give it the best growing environment. This strain is quite easy to grow and it does not matter if you have never grown cannabis or this type of Kush before.

Protecting Quantom OG Kush these dense buds

If you want to grow Quantom OG Kush indoors, you must maintain good air circulation so that your plants can grow healthy and your buds are kept away from mold and mildew. And one way to improve air circulation is to install fans inside your growing area. One fan will be installed on top of the room to remove the strong smell from the room. Another fan should be placed in the lower part of the room to take in fresh and clean air from the outdoors to inside the growing area. You must use carbon filters to reduce ugly smells inside the growing room or space. These may cost more than regular filters but these are definitely worth it.  These are more efficient in getting rid of smells, smoke, and dust that can contaminate your delicate plants.

Feeding your Quantom OG Kush plants

If your Quantom OG Kush plants are still in their seedling stage, these won’t need any fertilizer or nutrients. These young plants will simply take the nutrients found in the growing cubes, pellets or in growing soil where you have planted your seeds or seedlings. As soon as you see new roots and leaf growth, it’s time to transfer your plants to a larger growing container to commence vegetative stage. Now your plants will need fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen. Nitrogen is an element that can help with the growth and health of leaves, stems, roots, and branches. These will help plants become stronger to be able to hold large and dense buds during the flowering time. During the flowering stage, use fertilizer and nutrients that have more potassium and phosphorous. Your plants need these to grow larger and denser buds. These plants don’t need nitrogen because these have stopped growing and are using their reserved energy for growing larger and stronger buds. Check for any signs of nutrient toxicity or deficiency. You can easily tell if your plants are suffering from nutrient problems when you see changes in the color and texture of leaves as well as the plant stems.

Training your Plants Early

Training your plants is a technique that is should start early. You may use several techniques; one of these is the SCROG or the screen of green technique. This strategy can also improve lighting distribution on the top of the canopy and enhance air circulation at the bottom which can dry out the soil and keep pests and mildew away.

Giving your Plants the Ideal Growing Environment

Always make sure that your plants get the best amount of lighting to grow larger and healthier buds. When you are growing Quantom Kush OG indoors, you need to use the ideal type of lamp. There are currently two most popular lamps: LED and HPS.  These are readily available from shopping sites that sell cannabis supplies online or offline. LED lamps are lamps that are very efficient. These are quite expensive but will soon pay off because these provide brighter light without costing too much. HPS lamps, on the other hand, are the brightest but will cost too much electricity to use. This can also make the room hotter and this is not good for your plants.

Quantom OG Kush Strain Review

Consumers who have tried Quantom OG Kush say that this strain has a unique high with strong effects that is so potent. Many liked it because it was easy to use and will provide long-lasting effects. Some consumers also agreed that Quantom Kush OG was easy to grow especially because you can purchase seeds of this strain online or from local seedbanks. It does not require special growing techniques and will give you good yields even if you have never grown cannabis before. The ability of Quantom OG Kush to deal with a variety of conditions is a very popular thing when medicinal users were asked. Many agreed that its stress-busting and pain-relieving effects are the most important. It is all-natural so you won’t encounter any side effects. All-in-all, Quantom OG Kush is a good strain to try as a recreational or medicinal strain. Experience its relaxing effect and get premium Quantum OG Kush seeds and other cannabis seeds at MOM Canada.

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