Relaxing Blackberry Strain: A Marijuana Massage

The Blackberry strain is a major hit among cannabis users because of its delicious berry flavor. Backing the sweet flavor is a THC potency of 26 percent. This allows the strain to deliver an all-round high that starts with an uplifting high and ends on a body stoning.

Blackberry Strain
Blackberry strain 7 weeks into flower at MOM Canada’s Grow Facility in British Columbia

What is Blackberry Strain?

Blackberry is a hard-hitting strain that embodies both Indica and Sativa strains. The effects of the strain start with an energetic high that makes you incredibly happy and energetic. Over time, the Indica nature slowly becomes strong enough to make you feel like sleeping. This hybrid is suitable in the afternoon when you need just a small push to tackle a few tasks at work before retiring to your home.

History of Blackberry Cannabis Strain

Blackberry marijuana came from Nirvana Seeds and became available to the public in 2009. This strain comes from highly potent strains, the Black Domina and Raspberry Cough. The Black Domina is an Indica dominant strain that has a powerful peppery taste and relaxant effect. On the other hand, the RaspberryCough is a Sativa-dominant strain that delivers an empowering cerebral high that slightly soothe your body without making you sleepy.

Characteristics of Blackberry Marijuana Strain


True to its name, the Blackberry strain emits a strong smell of sweet berries with a mix of pungent chemical smell.


The intense berry flavor swirls around your mouth while leaving behind a peppery spice taste. Imagine popping a grape or blueberry in your mouth and releasing a bit of mild chili inside the fruit. Beneath the sweet blackberry flavor is a slight pungent earth aftertaste


The effect of the Blackberry marijuana strain is almost immediately after taking several puffs. You will feel a wave of happiness brew inside your head, which eventually spreads all over your body. During the duration of the high, you will feel calm and full of energy. This energy can get you engaged in many light recreational activities such as jogging, lifting weights, or playing basketball. The gradual Indica trait grows powerful for each passing hour after smoking the strain. Your body will feel heavy and has the consistency of jelly.

Over time, you will find it difficult to stand up from a comfortable chair or will want to find a bed as your eyelids begin to feel heavy. In terms of medical benefits, Blackberry is great for taking down anxiety and depression.

The cerebral high takes away most of the negative thoughts in your mind that are preventing you from being happy or find some breathing room to calm down. Smoking the strain lets you find yourself by giving you a clear-headed high The heavy sedation of Blackberry is also great for pain relief. The strain can help you manage severe medical conditions such as arthritis, cancer, or nerve damage. In addition, the relaxant effect of the strain can treat insomnia. Blackberry will take away most of the physical discomforts that are preventing you from sleeping peacefully.

How to Grow Blackberry Marijuana Strain

The Blackberry plants can take up to 11 weeks to flower. Given the cold climate of Canada, it can be risky to cultivate the plants outdoors. Indoor cultivation can give the plants all the time it needs to produce its buds. On the other hand, the plant can gain an attractive deep purple hue when you expose it to the cold evening temperatures. One of the challenges in growing Blackberry plants is its height. The slightly tall stems might not fit some people’s grow room.

This is easy to fix by trimming or topping the plants when needed. You can also apply low-stress training to make the plant bend into a bushy shape. Not only will this method let you control the height of your plants, but you can also encourage the development of multiple colas. This translates to a much higher yield rate than normal.

Blackberry Strain Review

Flavour is what makes the Blackberry standout for us. Simply breaking apart the bud will spread the sweet pungent smell of berries with a slight bit of diesel. The smoke has a stronger berry profile that smoking the strain is like having a grape candy inside your mouth. We also love the strong sedative effect of the Blackberry with the added cerebral high.

The small amounts of energy let us do some fun activities after clocking out of work. This includes going to a bar with co-workers or friends for some drinks with billiards.

By the time the high ends, we feel the soothing Indica part of the Blackberry marijuana making our bodies turn into sludge. The strain also helps us cope with too much stress at the end of the day, which makes it hard to relax. Smoking some Blackberry allows use to end the day on a soothing note.

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