Super Satisfying Smoking Session with Shishkaberry Strain

Are you up for a challenge in smoking marijuana? You are in luck. We introduce to you marijuana strain that will keep you physically and mentally stoned, shishkaberry. It demonstrates an intense high inducing a variety of effects from your mind throughout your body. Several awards were bestowed to shishkaberry strain because of its outstanding richness in cannabinoid content promoting recreational and medicinal benefits sought by both patients and marijuana connoisseurs. This is the ideal strain to try if you want time off from the world filled with stress and worries. With the shishkaberry strain, you will taste the freshness of recently picked berries in every hit.

shiskaberry growing in nature
Shishkaberry grown on a farm. Shishkaberry strain mimics this wonderful treasure.


What is Shishkaberry Strain?

Shishkaberryis an indica-dominant strain by 80%. It is the product from cross-breeding an unknown Afghani indica strain and DJ Short Blueberry. Because of its average to high cannabinoid content, it is best smoked by people with marijuana smoking experience to avoid unwanted adverse effects to your mind and body. Shishkaberry strain or The Kish has the ability to refresh your senses and induce sedating effects making you want to just lounge on the couch for a while. Marijuana smokers are obsessed with how the effects gradually accelerate leaving you completely in a state of calm. The flexibility of this strain is outstanding considering that it works both ways for recreational and medicinal purposes. In addition to this, you will be impressed with its beauty. It has dark olive nuggets which are similar to the shape of the spade. It has mint green leaves surrounding the buds blending with light forest green undertones. You will be able to see the sparse of curly amber hairs peeking through its surface and frosted with thick crystal trichomes.

History of Shishkaberry Cannabis Strain

Based on a theory proposed by Robert Bergman, the name was derived from the sound of the waves of the sea. The waves tend to have a calming and relaxing effect on our nerves which is a big help for us to be able to breathe exhaling the stress and worries away. Similar to what Shishkaberry can give you, it provides a cerebral high experience targeting your pleasure centers. Your reluctance to move under the influence of Shishkaberry is similar to how lazy you could get about being out on the beach and just sitting there listening to the relaxing sounds of the waves. It gives you inner peace, giving you a chance to doze off for a while and part yourself from reality. You will get hooked to it at first try with how intense the kick of euphoria and uplifted feeling.

Characteristics of Shishkaberry Cannabis Strain

  • Cannabinoid Content

THC: 15% up to 26%

CBD: 0.75% up to 1.75%

CBN: 0.1% up to 0.56%

  • Classifications

Sativa: 20%

Indica: 80%

shishkaberry marijuana strain
Shishkaberry marijuana strain in late flower stage at MOM Canada’s Grow facility in British Columbia


Its roots came from cross-breeding an unknown Afghani indica strain and DJ Short Blueberry.


As the name rings it, Shishkaberry’s scent is similar to freshly picked berries. Marijuana lovers find it easy to smoke because of its pleasant smell and taste that will leave you wanting for more. It will definitely bring you delight because you will feel like you are just munching a basket of berries. The scent translates itself to your taste buds. It is a big help in infusing a lasting relaxing feeling. As you inhale, you would be able to taste the berries and leaving an earthy and herbal taste as you exhale.


The taste of Shishkaberry is very tropical and sweet that will leave you wanting for more. Its flavors come in blueberry, cherry and strawberry taste making it not that difficult to smoke especially for those people trying Shishkaberry for the first time. You would not deny how much you will enjoy and savor Shishkaberry that you cannot compare it with any other strain because of its distinct and certain flavors and aroma. The berry-fruity taste is very indulging and addicting.




Considering its outstanding richness in cannabinoid content, there is no doubt about Shishkaberry being one of the most potent strains working well with physical and mental conditions. Its stress-relieving properties are suggested for treating conditions such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and premenstrual syndrome. In addition to this, its natural pain-relieving properties is one of the reasons why its demand is growing. It is the answer to treating chronic body pain, arthritis, and migraine. Patients who are diagnosed with severe conditions smoke Shishkaberry because of its appetite boosting properties helping them gain their strength and lessen the cases of nausea and vomiting. Due to its indica-dominance, the couch-lock effect works for people who are experiencing insomnia helping them catch some sleep.


Shishkaberry gives the type of high that will leave you relatively happy and uplifted. You tend to be physically and mentally relaxed but does not affect much of your speech and motor skills. The relaxing feeling is caused by the comfort it gives since you are relieved from pain and from stress. It helps you think and work clearly since it seems that you are refreshed and gained energy to keep going.

Flowering Time

On average, it takes seven up to nine weeks before it is ready to be harvested.

shishkaberry marijuana strain 7 weeks into flower
Shishkaberry marijuana strain 7 weeks into flowering at MOM Canada Grow Facility

Growing Experience

Shiskaberry is an easy-growing strain. It is not that sensitive when it comes to growing requirements and preferences. Since it does not require experience for you to cultivate, first-time growers are more than welcome to try.

How to Grow Shishkaberry Cannabis Strain?

It is advisable for first-time growers since there are a lot of requirements and preferences for Shishkaberry. It works well for being grown indoors and outdoors depending on the availability of the area. It needs good ventilation which promotes air circulation. When grown indoors, it is best used under hydroponics and Sea of Green method in about 45 days. It can yield from 12 ounces up to 16 ounces per square meter. With minimal maintenance, its height can reach up to seven feet when grown outdoors. During cultivation, keep an eye on pests and diseases to avoid unwanted damages and destruction. Outdoor-grown Shishkaberry can yield up to 20 ounces or more per plant.

shishkaberry strainShishkaberry Marijuana Strain Review

According to users, they really loved the taste Shishkaberry marijuana strain to their buds. The flavor does not make it hard to smoke plus it has a smooth exhale too. They prefer to use it in the evening since it keeps them physically and mentally relaxed to the point that they can just doze off for the next couple of hours. It has proven to relieve anxiety and paranoia the first ten minutes of smoking Shishkaberry. Yes, it will add weight to your body making you feel heavy but that is caused by the comfort it is providing.

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