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Processed cannabis takes different forms, and the best and the most popular form that consumers can readily use is cannabis extract. Our wide selection of cannabis extracts is from the most potent and the most powerful CBD and THC strains in the market. You can use pure cannabis extract as it is, or you can add this to food, to baked goodies and with beverages.

You’ll find our extracts collection truly amazing. We have extracts of popular Kush strains, Cheese strains, and Haze strains. Whether you’re new to using extracts or you’re already a pro, you’ll get what you want, and more when you choose from our CBD extracts products.

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What Are The Different Types Of Extracts?

Cannabis extracts are a wide variety of cannabis products that includes different extracts of the plant. This includes extracts made from hemp and also from the marijuana plant. These contain high amounts of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, usually higher than the amount in dry flowers, leaves, or stems.

Hemp extracts have higher CBD content, while marijuana extracts have high THC amounts. The high concentration of cannabinoids from cannabis extracts will make your vape less often than smoking dried buds.

Are Cannabis Extracts Safe To Use?

Most commercially-made CBD extracts are safe to use because these have passed strict safety controls from the manufacturer’s end. Never use oils that are home extracted or homemade because these may not be safe to use. Going for a commercially-prepared oil is the best way to enjoy the effects of extracts and to use it as medication.

Vaping is the most popular way to use cannabis extracts because its portable, discrete, and is easy to do. The ability to just buy a vaporizer and some vaping cartridges and smoke your medication is the biggest selling point for most consumers. And of course, vaping is safer compared to smoking dried buds. Some vaping pens can vape different types of extracts, including wax, shatters, saps, isolates, and many more.


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How to Buy Edibles Online in Canada?

First, be sure to read the label or description of the cannabis-infused edible. If you’re just starting out, look for products that have a low potency; you won’t need to ingest as much to feel the effects of the weed and it’ll reduce the likelihood of overconsumption.

Examples of edible treats that we carry with a low THC potency include:

  • Our Vegan Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies come in a pack of two cookies, each containing 30 mg of THC or 60 mg for the whole package.
  • Our variety of Gummy Candy Bags each contain three gummies, each gummy contains 40 mg of THC or 120 mg for the whole package.

Examples of CBD edibles include:

  • Our Gummy Candy Bags CBD comes in a pack of nine gummies, each with 40mg of CBD or 360mg for the whole bag.
  • Our CBD-Infused Tea contains 10 bags with 7mg of hemp CBD in each tea bag.

So, it may be best to start with a small chunk of a cookie or gummy candy.

How Do You Use Cannabis Extracts?

There are different ways to use cannabis extracts, and it depends on the form of the product. Extracts in the form of wax and shatters are semi-solid to solid products that are usually heated to melt using a heated nail or a heating tool.

Dabbing is a traditional form of enjoying extracts. It is a form of vaporizing and has almost the same principle as vape pens. Extract users say that dabbing brings out the true flavor and effects of cannabis. The flavor is robust, and the potency is superior to other types of extract consumption.

And don’t forget that cannabis extracts may also be used to infuse beverages and food. You can add extracts to any kind of food, but make sure to use it moderately. And if you want to medicate using extracts and food, learn how to portion edibles so you can take only the amount you need and avoid an unwanted high. Portioning works for food that is easily portioned as well, like brownies, gummy candies, cookies, and beverages.

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