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Marijuana Personal Care Products

The many amazing positive effects of cannabis are not just experienced when the drug is smoked, vaped, or ingested. Lately, there are new cannabis products available in the market which fall under “personal care,” and this means, the effects of cannabis is used in many other ways that can benefit the body.

Our large collection of personal care CBD products are made from the best CBD strains. We have apothecary oils and infusers, salves, roll-on gels, topical creams, terpene-infused body soaps, lip balms, tattoo sticks, shaving soaps, and roll-on remedies. You’ll feel good inside and out when you try our personal care CBD products.

Can Anyone Use These Products?

Yes, anyone can use these personal products. Most of these personal care items are applied to the skin or the lips; therefore, it’s safe unless you are sensitive to any of the contents of these products. For instance, topical terpene-infused creams are used for superficial pain and aches; it’s for muscle pains, joint pains, and headaches. Anyone can use this product as long as it is used within the prescribed manner.

And the best thing about CBD-infused personal care items is that these products can be used for an extended period to get the most benefits. But remember to use only quality products made by reputable manufacturers to ensure your safety.

How Does A Roll-On For Pain Work?

If you’ve used mineral oils, eucalyptus oils, and balms to relieve muscle pains and joint pains, then roll-on CBD sticks also work the same way to reduce pain. This product contains very potent; pure CBD extracts mixed with a carrier oil. This is applied to the affected area and is absorbed by the skin in no time. The oil creates a pain-numbing effect that can relieve simple pains. Because this is non-invasive, it’s safe to use repeatedly (as you want to) in a day.

And just like using ordinary pain relief topical products, you should never use this over broken, inflamed or open skin. Doing so will only irritate the skin. Also, clean the area first before applying the roll-on extract. Avoid applying on moisturizing creams, lotions, and salves because these will only decrease its potency.

How To Use A Hemp Terpene-Infused Soap And Shaving Creams?

Two very popular hemp personal care products are hemp and terpene-infused soaps and shaving creams. The soap is made of CBD oils and other natural oils and fats, which avoids over-drying of the skin. It is used like other ordinary soap bars, but the smell can be very different because of the terpenes in the formula. Thus, you can have a soap that smells like berries, earthy, pine, flowers and many more.

Meanwhile, terpene-infused shaving creams are creams that contain flavorful terpenes that will smell great on newly-shaved skin. Just like regular aftershave or shaving soaps, wash your face after application and use this daily. It will keep your skin soft and protect it from dryness, which usually happens after shaving and using regular shaving creams and soaps.


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