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Despite different ways to consume weed, smoking a well-packed joint is a classic that won’t die away. A joint is portable, easy to stash anywhere, and easy to use. You can keep one in your purse in case you need to smoke the blues away or buy rolling paper and make your joints.

We have a wide array of deliciously-packed, firm, large joints for you. We made it easier for you to smoke your favorite strains like the classic Purple Kush, Sour Jack, and Pineapple Express. You’ll also find extraordinary varieties like Master Kush, a potent indica, and premium Strawberry Moonrock. Try them all!

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Why Buy Pre-Rolled Joints?

Same reason why you buy rolled cigarettes! Buying pre-rolled joints makes it easier for you to enjoy weed. There’s no need to buy wrapping paper or to fumble with folding and tucking. And because these are pre-rolled, these are perfectly-made. You can take a whole pack of pre-rolled joints to wherever you want to go, and of course, you can stash them away to smoke for another day.

How To Keep Pre-Rolled Joints?

Unless you plan to smoke an entire pack of pre-rolled joints in one sitting, then you should know how to keep these precious sticks. All our pre-rolled joints come in the manufacturer’s packaging, and these are waterproof, moisture-proof, light-proof containers that can be resealed.

You may also use a humidor, a humidity-controlled box that will keep your joints fresh, just like the day you first opened the pack. You may also store your joints in any container as long as it’s dry, light-proof, and secure. Some users hide their joints in between pages of a book or under some newspapers, as long as you don’t forget that you stashed them there. Also, keep your stash safe and secure by placing these under lock and key.

How To Roll Your Own Joint

Every cannabis user should know how to roll their own joints. It starts with using the ideal rolling paper. Some people use premium hemp rolling paper, which is available in different sizes. It’s easy to roll this kind of paper if you have a rolling machine too.

And of course, if you have some tobacco or cigars stashed away, you can use the cigar paper. Use a sharp knife or a new blade and cut open a cigar. Remove the contents and place your weed in. Your joint will be bigger than the usual pre-rolled joint but will have a distinct flavor and taste.

Keep these in mind when rolling your joint: grind your dried weed well. Use a good quality grinder to make sure every bit is perfect. Next, don’t pack tightly; it’s difficult to smoke a tightly-packed joint. If you’re not a regular smoker, roll only the ones you’ll need. Remember that a newly-packed, fresh joint tastes better than an old one.

Finally, share your stash! After all, this is the reason why joints were created; to share your favorite buds to people who appreciate it.

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