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If you’re interested in growing your very own cannabis plants, then the very first thing in your list is to find good cannabis seeds. Every successful grower understands that to grow healthy and high-yielding plants, you need to have good seeds, and so we have chosen the best variety of cannabis seeds for your satisfaction.

We carry all kinds of cannabis seeds, including autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds, and medicinal seeds. We have high CBD seeds, sativas, and indica seeds ready for germination. We guarantee high germination rates with our seeds as long as you follow our easy germination steps. Happy planting!

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What Are Feminized Seeds?

One of the most prominent cannabis seeds types is feminized seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow all female plants. Regular cannabis comes in male and female forms, and you won’t know or distinguish your plants until flowering time. Most growers who cultivate cannabis for the weed prefer feminized seeds because they don’t have to bother with male plants, and there is no accidental pollination.  And with feminized seeds, you don’t need to waste money, time and resources by growing plants that you won’t need.

Feminized cannabis seeds are one of the most expensive seeds in a seed bank, but with promos, deals, and free seeds, you’ll be able to buy feminized seeds at the best price. This kind of cannabis seeds is available in all seedbanks but not all strains are available in feminized form.

What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are different kinds of cannabis seeds as these flowers without the need for a special kind of lighting schedule. Autos are the fastest to flower because these will bloom in just 4 to 7 weeks. Some flowers just a few weeks after germination!

While regular seeds need special 12-hour daylight and 12-hour nighttime lighting schedule, autos will bloom as soon as your plants mature. You’ll save money, time, and you’ll harvest early when you use autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Also, most autoflowering cannabis plants are feminized cannabis seeds as well. Therefore, you’ll get the best of both worlds as you enjoy faster flowering and an all-female garden. Feminized autoflowering cannabis is the most expensive seeds in most seed banks, and not all seedbanks carry this kind of seeds.

What Are CBD Seeds?

You’ll also find CBD seeds in our selection. CBD seeds will grow CBD-rich plants. This means that these plants will have high CBD content than THC, so these plants have higher therapeutic effects and absent psychoactive effects.

Meanwhile, some strains may have balanced CBD and THC content, which means you can use this to relieve medical conditions and still enjoy a cool high with THC. CBD seeds may be feminized seeds or regular seeds and thus may vary in price.

We also offer other types of cannabis seeds like medical seeds, high THC seeds, sativa seed, and indica seeds. Germination is an important part of cannabis growing, and you can make this stage easier by using high-quality and viable seeds.

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