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Cannabis has two prominent components: THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis; this is the component that gets you high. CBD is the component that has many therapeutic effects. When CBD is high, THC is low and when CBD is low, THC is high.

People who need therapeutic relief from pain using cannabis use high CBD strains. High CBD strains won’t get you high and thus will be the perfect remedy for people who can’t tolerate THC.

Now, CBD seeds are seeds that will grow into CBD plants. When properly cared for, CBD plants will bloom buds with delicious resin and this resin contains CBD to treat various health conditions.

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How Do You Germinate CBD Seeds?

Germinating CBD cannabis seeds is similar to sprouting regular seeds. There are different ways to germinate seeds. First is to use a damp paper towel method where seeds are placed in between two moist paper towels. The seeds will germinate in just five days.

Another way is to germinate your CBD seeds inside peat cubes. These cubes are placed in water overnight and each cube will hold one seed. CBD seeds germinated this way will sprout in just three to five days depending on the type of strain. You’ll know that the seeds have sprouted when the roots are visible from the cube and the first few leaves have sprouted on the top of the peat cubes.

All seed banks provide germination steps and techniques to customers to make sure that the seeds that they brought will germinate without fail.

How To Grow CBD Seeds?

Growing CBD seeds is also similar to growing regular or feminized seeds. First, transfer your seedlings in individual larger final containers. Use sandy-clayey soil, the best soil for growing cannabis. Use a final container with holes at the bottom for easy drainage of excess water and fertilizer in the soil.

CBD plants will bloom according to the flowering phase of the plant. After blooming, males are removed from the growing area to prevent accidental pollination. Blooming plants are provided with the right nutrients, water, and supplements; pests and nutrient deficiencies are also monitored.

CBD plants are ready for harvest depending on the type of strain. It’s important to harvest at the right time to make sure that your plants retain their flavor, taste, and effects.

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