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Now edibles are completely different from regular cannabis products. As you can see, almost all edibles are sweet and delicious; it’s really hard to resist eating them! But you have to follow the instructions on how to dose these carefully.

So before you buy any kind of cannabis edible, check if the product is easy to dose. For instance, a chocolate bar is divided into small bite-sized pieces and each has 100 mg of THC. It’s easy to take just the right amount without overdosing on THC.

Dosing must be provided by the manufacturer. If this is not available, contact the seller to find out about this. For homemade edibles, ask the seller about dosing. Don’t overlook this because this will make or break the way you enjoy your cannabis edibles.

Some Tips When Taking Marijuana Edibles

The very first tip is to be patient. We know how you feel! It’s very hard to resist these delicious treats especially when the edible is super sinful chocolate! But if you want a strong and quick effect, take your edibles in an empty stomach.

If you’re new to taking an edible and you predict it’s strong and powerful, take it with a glass of milk or a creamy beverage. This will cushion the effect and prevent a very strong high. Also, the most common edibles can take effect after 40 minutes so don’t take another dose until this time is over.

The most common side effects to expect depending on the type of strain you ate. The most common side effects are dry mouth, dry eyes, restlessness, headaches, and anxiety. If you feel any of these, relax, these will pass without the need to worry or panic.

Where To Find Marijuana Edibles?

Marijuana edibles are not readily available in regular cannabis dispensaries. Most are available in cannabis edible specialty stores. Sometimes you may need to order directly from the maker and you need to wait for some time for your orders. If you want one-of-a-kind edibles, look for these online. Just like shopping for food, these should be freshly-made with the manufacturing date and best before date. By taking all these in mind, you will be able to enjoy eating edibles with friends or taking edibles for your medicinal needs.


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