Steps on Making your Own Hash

Steps on Making your Own Hash

The psychoactive effect of consuming marijuana comes from the THC content of the plant. However, as marijuana does not actually contain THC, it must undergo processes requiring the conversion of THCA to THC to get the actual effect we seek. For a stronger and potent strain, we collect the THC and trichomes of the marijuana to form ‘Hash’, the basic and traditional form of cannabis concentrate.

Modern cannabis concentrates are in the form of oil and solvents. Traditional hash, however, is in a brick solid form. The first forms of hash were made by the method of Indians by simply using their hands. By rubbing their hands with cannabis to coat it with the plant’s resin, they collect these resins and roll it into a ball called ‘charas’.

Essentially, a hash is from the heated and pressurized trichomes (white frosty hairs) of a female marijuana plant. The collected trichomes are called kief which results in hash after applying pressure and heat. Multiple ways have been developed to create a hash and there are now multiple ways of consuming it as opposed to the tradition of eating it.

Ways to Make Your Own Hash

Listed below are the various ways to make your own hash. Of course, each method results to different type hash.

Finger Hash

Finger hash is the Indians’ traditional way of making hashish. This is the simplest way of making has, requiring but a collection plate. The method is simple. Resinous trichomes tend to stick into our hands. Using this simple fact, the easiest way of making hashish involved collecting cannabis trichomes by rubbing it with your hand. The downside to this method is that it produces a lower quality hash from the simple heat and pressure it is subjected to. However, these types of hash can still be highly valued when shaped into various forms.

Dry Sift Hash

Dry sifting is one of the simplest ways of making hash from cannabis as this process simply requires weed and various sizes of micron screens (70 to 125 micron). There are also boxes specially designed for dry sifting, containing layers of screens over a box, making the process simpler.

The method scrapes the dried trim from the larges micron screen to the smallest in order to obtain the kief. Applying greater pressure can also result in a lower quality hash.

Silky Screen Method

Almost similar to the dry sifting, this method uses a fine screen to separate trichomes from cannabis. The cannabis needs to be grounded first before gently sifting it through the screen. This results to a finer and potent kief.

Blender Method

Various processes of making hash also involve water and ice. In the blender method, you would be required of a blender, water, ice, and the weed. With all water, ice and weed in the blender, switch it on to separate the trichomes from the plant and bud. The trichomes will settle to the bottom. The next steps include two types of sifting, one large enough to screen the plant matter from the water and trichomes and a micron screen to sift water from the trichomes. After sifting the plant matter, allow the trichomes to settle to the bottom and then remove two-thirds of its water before refrigerating for 10 minutes. Then carefully strain the trichomes through the micron screen filter before drying to form kief.

Compared to finger hash, this forms a finer kief that can be heated and pressed to form hash.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is the simplest method to create the best and purest form of a hash. The ingredients include water, ice, and cannabis trim. The materials used for this method include 2 buckets, a mixing stick, and various sized mesh bags (220 U, 190 U, 160 U, 73 U, 45 U, and 25 U).

Step 1: Using a 10:1, weed to hash, ratio, prepare your cannabis.

Step 2: To allow the trichomes to separate from the trim, combine the cannabis with a generous amount of ice in a bucket. This will allow the trichomes to stiffen up.

Step 3: Fill the bucket with water, making sure to completely soak the trim. Stir in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions for 15 minutes.

Step 4: Pile the mesh bags in the second bucket, starting from the smallest size to the largest. Make sure to curl the bag over the top of the bucket so you can remove it later.

Step 5: Pour the mixture onto the second bucket and let it settle for 20 minutes.

Step 6: Remove each mesh carefully, allowing the mixture to drain into the bucket unto the next mesh. Set aside each bag until the last one which will contain your kief. Set this to a non-stick plate or pan to dry.

This method produces a high-quality kief and a premium quality hash.

The methods listed above offers a variety of kief. By processing the kief with heat and pressure, you can create your own hash. Different grades of a hash are produced depending on the kief and processing it undergoes.

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