6 Interesting Facts About Cannabis Roots

cannabis roots

A lot of people knew what a cannabis plant can do, it’s great for recreational activities and is also good alternative medicine for people with severe health conditions like insomnia. Almost all parts of the plant from its roots to the tip of its buds can be used and smoked, you can even get stoned from it. But, is that all you know about the cannabis weed you’ve been smoking every day? Did you know that cannabis aside from what you knew still has an existing list of benefits and effects once taken?

Let’s get to know cannabis deeper and discover what other things you didn’t know about cannabis and its roots.

Decreases chances of Inflammation

The roots of cannabis contain ketones called triterpene and this is responsible for avoiding any inflammation in the body. Not just the roots but the entire cannabis plant is good anti-inflammatory medicine. Although this property of cannabis is only present in medical marijuana with high CBD levels.

Cannabis cannot only be taken through smoking, but you can also either boil, dry or powder the leaves or roots or even eat it. Thus it can be applied thoroughly to the affected portion for faster results. You can also try mixing it with oils to make it more aromatic.

Heals Irritated Skin, Dry Skin

Cannabis roots are also beneficial in treating dry skin due to dead skin cells, or skins with inflammations. As we all know cannabis has an anti-inflammatory property that could lessen inflammation just inside your body but outside as well. It would eve very effective to apply crushed marijuana roots topically onto the skin to reduce dryness.

Its anti-inflammatory features have benefited a lot of people suffering from chronic health conditions like arthritis, joint, and muscular pain and infections as well.

Reduces Too Much Bleeding

Aside from chronic health issues, cannabis roots are also a popular alternative to excessive bleeding. During alarming conditions like bleeding after birth, or if you have accidentally been wounded and you just can’t stop the bleeding, this could be a perfect alternative. You can either put raw and fresh leaves into a cup and put hot water in it or boil them to make them more like a tea.

Keeps your CNS Healthy

Properties from marijuana are mostly narcotic, the THC and the CBD once induced in the body have the ability to suppress your central nervous system keeping it relaxed and well-rested. Cannabis roots are beneficial for people who have a disorder inclined to their central nervous system.

It can be a good alternative medicine for epileptics, people with Parkinson’s or even for people suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome. The cannabis plant has undeniably helped plenty of people even behind the public notations of addictions to marijuana, the plant has upheld its great contribution to the medical field and still continues what it does best.

cannabis rootsProtects Your Liver

They are also capable of stabilizing and protecting your liver. The liver is the largest organ yet the most sensitive part of the body especially for people with vices from alcohol and cigarette. These habits could greatly destroy the normal function of the liver.

However, the roots of cannabis have an ant-oxidant property that’s capable to send fighting agents to the liver for protection. It can defeat cancer cells and free radicals that may cause pathogenic effects to the liver once infected.

Fights Cancer Cells Too

Cancer cells are one of the fasted types of cells to multiply, infect and manifest inside a human body. Many people have died suffering from it because usually, it’s too late, the cancer cells have teamed up and spread throughout the body. However, a fair number of users and people who studied marijuana believed it can help lessen the manifestation of cancer cells inside the body. The roots specifically because of a concentrated source of THC has possessed ketones which are capable of destroying cancer cells inside the system.

The Invisible Existence of Cannabis Roots

You’d know the famous leaf of cannabis but you have probably tossed up its roots in the garbage bin roots from the cannabis plant from hundred years ago are much used compared nowadays. It was popular because of its medicinal value which can treat various health disorders and diseases. Not like today, cannabis plants are mostly used for recreation and enjoyment.

During ancient times, nobody used cannabis leaves and instead plenty have benefited from the roots. It was boiled and dried, on days where people would feel pain headaches, stomach and body pains, the cannabis pasted would be applied topically to the affected area in the bod and many people believed and used it for hundred years.

Now that you have the idea of the famous cannabis plant, don’t just simply throw the roots away use them. It can be preserved in so many ways possible and it will surely benefit you in the future. We’d like to know what you felt using cannabis roots for the first time, let’s talk about it.

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