Mail Order Marijuana In Thunder Bay

If you are in Thunder Bay and if you are looking for a legal weed strains dispensary where you can order real marijuana products from, then our company which is known as M.O.M Canada is the right store for you. You don’t need to spend on your transportation or getting ashamed of going inside a weed strains dispensary because you can order from the comforts of your home. We offer safe and discreet delivery right to whatever address you will provide us. We even offer discounts to those who can show their medical marijuana cards and for those who can prove their medical conditions. There is a page on our website where you can learn how to get discounts.

Our website was created to bring the finest bud from British Columbia – the home of the best marijuana growers in North America. Our company partners with those growers. Our chefs are very professional and skilled in producing real weed strains and other marijuana products such as hash, bud, edible foods, and extracts which are the same products that you can get from a local dispensary. We have the same prices with those dispensaries however you don’t need to travel to get to our location because we will deliver your purchases right to your home, office or whichever address you will provide us. We will provide you with the tracking number when your order is on its way.

Thunder Bay residents have full access to all our high-quality THC treats which you can order in the comforts of your home. Our company was created by a group of cannabis enthusiasts who were from an alcohol industry and realized the harms that the alcohol has brought the people of Canada. Instead of expanding their alcohol business, they decide to go for the medical marijuana industry which is safer and helps those who have medical conditions.

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