Top 10 Cool Weed Smoking Accessories


It’s inevitable to smoke weed especially when you’re at a party or at a small group gathering with friends. However, don’t you want to look dope while smoking at a pipe? Wouldn’t it be cooler if you had something that would make your pot more anticipated and exciting perhaps a weed gadget or an accessory? To add more flavor to your session.

Well, hear me out because this day will change your life! Here are the top 10 cool weed smoking accessories for you. These accessories have been sorted out for you. See the list below and tell me which one is the dopiest for you!

Multi-Purpose Lighter Bro

Lighter - Weed Smoking Accessories

Lighters are the umbilical cord to a weed smoker’s existence. Now you can have both the lighter and an upgraded version with a turbo-boosted feature, infused with multi-tools, and a whole packaged accessory for your smoking. It has a sharp knife purposed for cutting if you’d want to open a beer while having a pot there’s a bottle opener in it. There are scissors, screwdrivers and a flat-headed screwdriver, now what else can you ask from this dope accessory? Add to it a laser engraved design at the front of your Bro lighter.

Vape Pen

marijuana vape pen

Almost all weed smoker needs at least the best vaporizer to enjoy one strain of cannabis. This vape pen offers convenience and a great experience to smoke weed with its small and light size. It’s easy to carry anywhere, even in the smallest portion of your house. It’s durable with its size too so you don’t need to worry about damaging it while carrying it anywhere.

Silicone Bong

silicone bong

If you’re clumsy, a little cluttered and a bit occupied, this silicone bong is for you. No matter how clumsy you are and dropped this from the tenth floor it wouldn’t change a bit. These silicone bongs are purposely unbreakable for you. They are also able to stand firm through its suction feature since its silicone. Having a party tonight? Make sure to buy this to end the night without broken glasses of bongs on the ground.

Dope Ball

marijuana dope ball

Nobody’s crazy enough to put all smoking accessories in a plastic bag or in a bag Is there? Well, if you’re a traveler or a time traveler, for instance, this dope ball might be a good investment of smoking gadget for you. Glass pipes, vaporizer, and marijuana can fit into one secure storage. This will keep all breakable and valuable things safe and secure while traveling.

PenSimple Dispenser/Grinder

PenSimple Marijuana Dispenser/Grinder

It looks like a pen, a big black crayon but actually, it’s a grinder and dispenser in one pen-shaped stick. Pensimple grinder is capable of holding up to three grams of weed. Isn’t this dope? Simply put your herbs on top of the pen grinder and you’ll have something to smoke later. It’s easy and convenient to carry because it is lightweight. It’s purely made from rubber and aluminum that is why its spill-proof and smell proof keeping your weed locked and safe.

Incredibowl Pipe

Incredibowl Marijuana Pipe

An innovative way of combining a bowl and incredible pipe into one is fantastic. A unique pipe using heat-sink, the Incredibowl Pipe induces smooth inhalation for your hits. It is made purely from polycarbonate with a bullet-proof feature together with aluminum. Its sturdy and doesn’t break easily.

Pro Tool Scoop

Pro Tool Marijuana Scoop

A gadget that can make your smoking experience the dopiest. The Pro Tool Scoop is capable of letting you enjoy your best-picked concentrate. This smoking accessory has two main feature: the first is its narrow surface for shatter and the second is its wide scoop made for soft hash.

Ice Pipe (Frost Pipe)

Cannabis Frost Pipe

Who would have thought that a pipe could be made from ice? Nobody! But here comes the Frost Pipe, a cool accessory for your smoking experience. Its insanely wonderful because through this molding pipes, yes it’s a mold, you can create your own ice pipe. This accessory is perfect when you’re out on a summer vacation and you’d want to smoke. It includes a screen stopper, a mold, and a holding tray. Do you want to make your smoking the coolest? Here’s your Frost Pipe!

Compact Keychain Pipe

Compact Keychain weed Pipe

Produced by the Skunk Lab comes the very convenient weed gadget, the keychain pipe. It’s hassle-free to carry given its keychain feature. The compact keychain pipe is also cheap which you’ll totally love. You can have this gadget for only $15 at Amazon.

The Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak

The gadget that reveals the genuine power of your concentrate, what more could you ask for? The Puffco Peak is capable of giving you 100% effects, flavors, and potency of your weed. Yes, it’s a little bit expensive but this product is worth every single penny in your pocket. It has a unique heat setting with its Sesh-mode feature, you can end or extend your session anytime you wish. It can calibrate the temperature abruptly and adjusts immediately once too much heat is felt. It’s durable and fast charging that’s why it offers convenience to your smoking session.

Did this article just make your day? To make your smoking more fun and memorable, try out one of these smoking accessories and let me know how amazing it went!

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